Why Are Ferrets Illegal In California? (+ Case For Legalization)

Why are ferrets illegal

Ferrets make great pets — most ferret owners will tell you that. They’re adorable, energetic, curious, and have such large personalities that make you fall in love with them. However, not everybody can enjoy a ferret in their life. There are several places where ferrets are downright illegal, including the entire state of California. Ferrets … Read more

Are Ferrets Nocturnal? The Ferret Sleep Schedule (Explained)

Are ferrets nocturnal

If you own a ferret, it became apparent very quickly that these creatures have very weird sleep schedules. Specifically, it seems like all ferrets do is sleep! One questions that many owners have regarding their ferrets is whether or not they’re nocturnal since they always seem to be sleeping whenever they’re checked in on. So, … Read more

25 Cute Ferrets You Have to See (With Pictures)

Cute ferrets seems like a redundant phrase, doesn’t it? Whenever you think of ferrets, you think of furry, adorable creatures with extremely long bodies and faces that you immediately fall in love with. Ever since the internet has existed, ferret owners have been sharing their cute ferrets with the rest of the world — which … Read more

Ferret Hissing: Why Do Ferrets Hiss? (Is It Bad?)

Ferret hissing

Ferrets are typically very friendly, curious, and overall fun creatures that are typically nothing but bundles of joy. However, sometimes ferrets do things or exhibit behaviors that raise some concerns. There are many different types of ferrets, but all of them are subject to questionable behavior! Something that many ferrets do that owners almost always … Read more

14 Ferret Supplies You Can’t Do Without (List)

Ferret supplies list

Ferrets are one of the most interesting animals out there, so bringing one home as a pet is always a very exciting experience! Their looks and personalities make them a favorite among many people around the world. Whether this is your first or 10th ferret, though, you need to make sure that you have the … Read more