25 Cute Ferrets You Have to See (With Pictures)

Cute ferrets seems like a redundant phrase, doesn’t it? Whenever you think of ferrets, you think of furry, adorable creatures with extremely long bodies and faces that you immediately fall in love with.

Ever since the internet has existed, ferret owners have been sharing their cute ferrets with the rest of the world — which is a great accomplishment by humanity. There’s no way seeing these carpet sharks won’t brighten your day.

Below you’ll find some of the cutest pictures of ferrets that we could find. There’s ferrets of all types, including baby ferrets, ferrets engaged in play, and ferrets doing… who knows what?

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these adorable fur snakes.

Cute Young & Baby Ferrets

Baby animals of any kind are adorable, so baby ferrets are an a whole different level of cute. These babies are short, stubby, and have a bit of fat that makes them extra poofy.

Sure, ferrets of any age are adorable, but we just can’t get enough of these baby pictures.

Cute baby ferretCute baby ferret


Don’t let looks fool you… This is the face of a ferret that needed four people to control her in order to get her vaccines.

Who thought a creature with that face could put up such a fight? Definitely not me.

It’s a good thing that she got her vaccines, though, as we want this adorable girl to live and show off that cuteness for as long as possible!

Cute baby ferretCute baby ferret


When you walk into a pet store and see a ferret looking at you like this… It’s game over. You have a new addition to your family.

Seriously, is there a time that you can walk into a pet store and not sit and look at the ferrets? Even when they’re sleeping they’re irresistible!

Cute baby ferretCute baby ferret


4 weeks old… and barely looks a day over 3 weeks!

It’s one thing having a ferret curl up in the palm of your hand. But having them then proceed to fall asleep? Forget about it — there’s nothing cuter!

Just be sure not to disturb their slumber…

Cute baby ferretCute baby ferret


Usually ferrets aren’t big fans of water, but we’ve found a rare exception to that opinion!

That inflatable tube may have been intended for a Barbie doll, but it looks so much better on him. Question, though:

If a ferret were to wear an inner-tube, would they wear it around their neck or around their midsection? Ferrets are so long, they might require two!

Cute baby ferretsCute baby ferrets


When a ferret is starting to grow up but still has their baby fat combined with a winter coat, you get these fluff-balls.

Don’t you just want to squeeze their little cheeks?

And thank goodness there’s two of them. I can’t think of a situation where only one ferret is better than two!

Cute Sleeping Ferrets

Ferrets sleep for over 2/3 of the day. For most animals, this would be a bit of a bummer.

However, for ferrets — animals that sleep in such strange and cute ways — this is no problem at all. Sleep away, little guys!

Cute sleeping ferretCute sleeping ferret

Honestly nothing looks cozier than this ferret right here.

All tucked away in his cage in his little star bed… Definitely dreaming about all the things he’s going to stash when he wakes up.

Probably dreaming about doing a little dance, too.

Cute sleeping ferretCute sleeping ferret

Going outside is exhausting for anybody — especially ferrets!

This cute guy had such a hectic day outside that he fell asleep while being held upright. That can’t be super comfortable, but he looks like he’s really thriving!

Keep doing you, little guy. You’ll get home to your bed soon enough.

Cute sleeping ferretsCute sleeping ferrets

When two ferrets are kept together, they’ll fall asleep in some of the strangest positions.

This duo felt it was most comfortable to have one tied into a pretzel and flipped upside down while the other cradles it.

It’s bizarre, but definitely one of the cutest things you’ll see today.

Cute ferret sleepingCute ferret sleeping

When you’re holding your ferret, they’re either squirming like a wet spaghetti noodle or sitting perfectly still. This is a perfectly still moment.

You know she’s extra comfortable with the way her arms are splayed out and her tail sitting underneath her chin.

If this ever happens to you, you’ll need to immediately sit down and not move. Wouldn’t want to wake a ferret that looks this comfortable, right?

Cute ferrets sleepingCute ferrets sleeping

Most people agree that ferrets are more liquid than solid, and this picture proves that.

Just how many ferrets are in that igloo if three and a paw are spilling out the front? One’s definitely having a bit of a laugh sticking their fuzzbutt in anothers’ face.

Cute Ferrets Playing

If a ferret isn’t sleeping, it’s playing. It’s like they have two switches and one of them is always on!

Ferret playtime is definitely best enjoyed in person, as these little guys are constantly hopping and flopping around the room.

However, sometimes there’s some picture-perfect moments that are captured and have to be shared with the world. Here’s a few of them!

Cute ferrets playingCute ferrets playing


Two girls taking a bit of a break from playing to share a little sugar! Sibling love has never looked so cute!

Or maybe there’s just a little bit of salmon oil left on their mouths and they’re feeling a little hungry…

Either way, these are two super cute ferrets!

Cute ferrets playingCute ferrets playing


A trip to the vet doesn’t have to be a terrible experience.

When you travel in packs of four, there’s really no end to the mischief that you can get into. Sniff the floor, sniff the cabinet, sniff the garbage… Unlimited possibilities!

Cute ferrets playingCute ferrets playing


This picture gives off more of a “cursed image” vibe despite the adorable ferret taking center stage.

These pictures are great because you can never really tell what direction the ferret is moving. All that you can tell is that they were caught in the middle of a very energetic war dance.

Just back up and enjoy the show she’s putting on for you!

Cute ferrets playingCute ferrets playing


Trying to take a posed picture of an awake ferret is one of the most difficult things that you can ever do… But this owner got a great shot!

A little bit of FerreTone on the lips keeps ferrets excited yet relatively still for a surprising amount of time. It also makes for some great kissy pics!

Cute ferret playingCute ferret playing


This is an adequate representation of what owning ferrets looks like. They’re almost always getting into something… literally!

Being mischievous and playing with household cleaners has never looked so cute!

This owner has actually cleaned out this cabinet and made it a dedicated ferret palace, so you know he’s feeling like a king right now.

Cute Angora Ferrets

Angora ferrets are a totally different type of ferret! Their genetic makeup is slightly different from a common ferret, and they’re bred to have characteristically long fur and stranger noses.

This gives them an adorable appearance that most people absolutely love and get get enough of!

Angora ferrets are a bit hard to come by, so any time that we see a picture of one being cute, we can’t help but to admire it.

Cute angora ferretCute angora ferret


If you’ve never seen an angora ferret before, this is a picture that will make you fall in love.

Just look at that little face contrasting with the big fluffy body with beautiful fur! The whiskers splaying out and the tongue just round out this cute angora ferret.

Cute angora ferretCute angora ferret


You won’t find a much better picture showing off an angora ferret’s hair in all of its majesty.

If you find a fluffier speed bump, please send it to us — we’d love to see it!

All the brushing that that fur requires is worth how cute it looks on him, that’s for sure.

Cute angora ferretCute angora ferret


An angora ferret with a bit less crazy fur, but having an absolute blast in that carrier.

Giving a ferret one of those plastic balls with the bell inside is a recipe for constant zoomies, so it’s very impressive that a picture this cute was able to be captured.

Cute angora ferretCute angora ferret


Has a ferret face ever made you stop what you’re doing because of how cute it is? This snaggletooth angora ferret has definitely done that to several people.

It’s crazy what emotions a single long tooth can portray.

Anger, confusion, disgust, cluelessness… It’s too much!

Cute angora ferretCute angora ferret


That long wavy angora hair is making an appearance here — getting brushed back as this ferret pushes her head through the opening in her hammock.

Fast asleep, she has no idea how cute she is.

Or maybe she does?

Come to think of it, that might be why she’s been getting so many treats. She knows how to cater to the masses.

Cute Ferrets Doing Weird Stuff

Now we’re into the category of pictures that don’t really fit into a category.

You never know what a ferret is going to do next, and these pictures capture the cutest of the cute ferrets doing… really whatever they want!

Ferrets are some of the only creatures that can do the most random things and still melt your heart.

Cute ferret randomCute ferret random


Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch! Nothing’s more satisfying after a 16 hour nap!

Nothing is cuter than a ferret yawning. Absolutely nothing.

And when the yawning ferret looks as cute as this one… ooooh boy!

cute ferretcute ferret


A very rare picture of a levitating ferret.

Ferrets gain this ability to levitate when they get particularly excited. Nobody knows exactly why ferrets get excited… They just do.

We’ve also never seen a ferret look so energetic and so calm at the same time. It’s an undeniably cute combination, though!

Cute ferretsCute ferrets


You can’t keep ferret siblings separated… it’s just not fair!

The ferret in the cage is in there to get some rest and heal up, but the other ferret just isn’t having any of it.

He needs to get in there and share some his cuddles. That’s the best medicine, hands down.

Cute ferretCute ferret


Would you boop this snoot? We would without question — 100%.

Ferret teeth are the cutest things ever. You don’t get to see them all that often, but when you do, it’s hilarious how small they are.

This little guy’s just trying to start his day off with a few laughs… and he succeeded 🙂

Cute ferretCute ferret


Ahhh! Ferret attack!

A more realistic photo of a ferret in motion. Cameras have a very hard time capturing the incredibly fast movements of a leaping ferret.

Despite the fact that this ferret is mid-pounce, claws out, teeth primed, it’s still one of the cutest ferret picture’s we’ve seen.

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