14 Ferret Supplies You Can’t Do Without (List)

Ferret supplies list

Ferrets are one of the most interesting animals out there, so bringing one home as a pet is always a very exciting experience! Their looks and personalities make them a favorite among many people around the world.

Whether this is your first or 10th ferret, though, you need to make sure that you have the proper supplies for them.

There are certain enclosure, food, and general care supplies that a well-prepared ferret owner should have. Ferrets don’t cost a whole lot, but lacking any of these supplies could potentially result in improper care of your ferret which would, in turn, hurt their health.

Ferret Supplies List

Below are 14 essential supplies that ferret owners should have. It’s important to purchase these supplies before bringing home your ferret so that you can immediately begin caring for them properly.

1. Cage

Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Cage
An extremely well-built cage that provides plenty of room for eating, playing, and sleeping and keeps ferrets securely inside.

Every ferret needs a high quality cage since it’s where they’ll be spending a good portion of their time!

The cage should be plenty large enough to keep it feeling roomy and comfortable for multiple ferrets, while also being accessible and well-built.

A cage with multiple levels creates a very diverse environment that provides lots of floor space and tons of ways for your ferrets to explore and play.

To learn more, check out our comprehensive guide on the best ferret cages!

2. Litter pan

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan
A sizable, durable litter pan that attaches to the side of a cage so that it can't be flipped over by curious ferrets.

Ferrets poop a lot, so you’ll need to provide something that will contain all of that! Fortunately, ferrets are fairly easy to litter train, so litter pans are very effective.

Get a pan that locks onto the corner of your ferret’s cage so that they can’t move it around or flip it over. Also, get one with a high back to help prevent misses.

3. Food dish

Living World Lock and Crock Dish
A large food dish that attaches to the side of a cage and can easily support the weight of a ferret leaning on it.

Since ferrets eat constantly throughout the day, you’ll need to supply them with a food dish that can handle that use.

Get a dish that locks onto the side of a cage to prevent ferrets from spilling it easily. It should also be quite deep so that it can hold a good amount of food.

4. Water bottle

Choco Nose No-Drip Water Bottle
A durable, leak-proof water bottle that locks into place and reliably dispenses water.

A constant water supply is extremely important for ferrets, so you’ll need a reliable way to supply that water.

Once again, you’ll want this water bottle to lock onto the side of the cage to keep it in place and prevent spills. It should also hold a good amount of water so that you don’t have to refill it every day.

Glass bottles tend to be recommended due to their higher quality and durability.

5. Hammock

Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock
Attaching to the top of an enclosure and providing two levels, this hammock can comfortably hold two adult ferrets.

Ferrets love to sleep, especially in hammocks. Hanging a hammock from the ceiling of a cage is a great way to provide a comfortable diverse sleeping place for one or more ferrets.

Most hammocks are machine-washable and very durable to put up with the abuse that ferrets can put it through.

Ferrets will curl up together to sleep, so one hammock for 2 or 3 ferrets is more than acceptable.

6. Bed

Kaytee Small Animal Bed
A soft, durable bed with raised sides that one or two ferrets would absolutely love to curl up in.

While you may already provide a hammock, ferrets like to have some choice with their sleeping arrangement.

By placing a bed on the floor of the cage, you’re giving your ferret two comfortable options for rest. You’ll likely find that your ferret uses both the hammock and the bed equally.

Like the hammocks, many small critter beds are machine-washable and durable.

7. Carrier

Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier
If you need to take your ferret anywhere, it's best to do it in this comfortable, secure, large enclosure that can handle multiple ferrets.

If you’re ever taking your ferret anywhere, you need to do so with them safely contained within a carrier.

Since ferrets are so energetic and squirmy, it’s much safer to transport them in a carrier that they can’t escape from and get into trouble.

As at least one vet visit or road trip is in your future, it’s important to have a carrier on hand.

8. Plush toys

Legend Sandy Stuffed Squeaky Toys (14 count)
14 durable squeaky toys of all different shapes for ferrets to play with and hide away.

Ferrets are such curious and fun creatures that absolutely love all types of toys. Among the most popular ferret toys are small, durable plush toys.

Different shapes and sizes of toys help to keep things interesting, and it takes it to the next level if the toy makes sound.

There are a plethora of other ferret toys that you can find online or in pet stores, too!

9. Food

Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Support Food
The best ferret food on the market. Nutritionally-complete, made with healthy ingredients, and a very good value.

It’s very important that you supply your ferret with a high-quality diet that meets all of their nutritional needs. Fortunately, there are several foods available that do just that.

Note that ferrets have specific dietary requirements, so you need to ensure that their food meets those standards.

Many owners combine several types of food, often including a pellet kitten food, to really diversify their diet and to keep a ferret from getting attached to one specific food.

10. Litter

So Phresh Paper Pellet
Made from recycled paper, this litter locks in odors and moisture and has very little dust that can become problematic.

Since ferrets use the bathroom so frequently, you need to fill their litter box with a high-quality ferret litter that’s also quite affordable.

Two main types of ferret litter exist, and those are paper litters and clay litters. Both are very effective, but paper litters are typically safer and better for the environment.

While small animal litter is available, some owners also opt to use cat litter. Ferrets aren’t picky when it comes to litter.

11. Treats

Ferretone Skin & Coat Supplement
While it's a supplement, this is the best treat for ferrets. They love the taste and consistency, and it's excellent for their coat.

Like many creatures, ferrets absolutely love the occasional treat to diversify their diet. While there are many treats available, most of those are unhealthy for ferrets.

Many treats contain way too many fillers and harmful ingredients. Therefore, a supplement/treat combo such as Ferretone is a great healthy choice.

Ferretone tastes great to ferrets, and it also helps to keep their skin and coat healthy.

12. Nail clippers

Shiny Pet Small Animal Nail Clippers
Very durable nail clippers that are easy to grip and efficiently cut through a ferret's nails.

Ferrets do have little claws, so you’ll need to cut them down every once in a while to keep them in good shape.

You’ll need a small pair of clippers that’s easy to hold and even easier to maneuver around your ferret’s small toes.

Poor clippers can result in a bad trim job that can result in a poorly-cut claw followed by a little blood.

13. Brush

PETPAWJOY Slicker Brush
An effective yet comfortable brush that removes much of a ferret's loose coat and keeps their fur straight and clean.

Ferrets shed, so it’s necessary to supply them with a brush that can clear up any loose hair from their coat.

A durable brush that’s easy on a ferret’s skin but still effective at removing loose hair is something that every owner should have.

Since you’ll be using it frequently, about every week or so, you shouldn’t skimp on quality.

14. Shampoo

8 In 1 Ferretsheen 2-in-1 Deodorizing Shampoo
When giving your ferret their infrequent bath, this shampoo works to clean their skin and coat while preserving their natural oils.

Many people aren’t aware of this, but ferrets don’t need to be bathed very frequently at all. In fact, they only need a bath about once per year!

Ferrets have a natural smell to them, and too much bathing will actually make this smell worse.

You’ll need a shampoo that doesn’t dry out a ferret’s skin and helps to keep their coat healthy and clean.