31 Tarantula Breeders with Tarantulas for Sale (2023)

Tarantula breeders

Tarantulas must be some of the most taboo pets out there. While the majority of people seem to despise them, a small subsection of the population absolutely adores them for their diverse personalities and looks. Because tarantulas aren’t necessarily mainstream, purchasing a tarantula can be a difficult task. Inexperienced pet owners may not know exactly … Read more

Are Tarantulas Spiders? (Or Are They Different?)

Are tarantulas spiders

Everybody knows what spiders are, and nearly everybody knows what tarantulas are. While they seem like the same thing, it’s confusing that tarantulas are treated as sort of their own unique class. Are tarantulas considered spiders, then? If they are, what category of spider do they fall under? If they aren’t… then what are they? … Read more

Do Spiders Eat Ants? (Are They Nutritious?)

Do spiders eat ants

Spiders are known as some of the most prominent predators in the insect world. Many spiders create magnificent webs, quickly chase down their prey, and inject venom that subdues their target. They’re also known to eat a wide variety of different insects and other animals — they aren’t picky in the slightest. Out of all … Read more

Are Spiders Nocturnal? The Spider Sleep Schedule (Explained)

Are spiders nocturnal

Spiders are intimidating creatures. Yet, they’re extremely beneficial for our planet earth and the ecological system. This is because they prey on harmful insects, such as flies and mosquitoes. However, lots of people are scared of spiders and do their best to avoid seeing or touching one. There’re lots of bizarre facts concerning spiders. Did … Read more

How Long Can Spiders Live Without Food?

How long can spiders live without food

Spiders are known as some of the most hardy creatures on the planet, seemingly being able to survive most things thrown at them. Spiders are almost always seen hanging out in their webs waiting for food… but what if food never comes? How long can spiders go without eating? The answer is quite surprising, and … Read more

Psalmopoeus irminia 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More

Psalmopoeus irminia

Psalmopoeus irmini, also known as the Venezuelan Suntiger Tarantula, is a pretty fascinating new world tarantula with a beautiful appearance and unique temperament. While some tarantulas are more straightforward, others have quirks that every potential owner needs to be aware of. This is one of those species. This care sheet will tell you everything that … Read more

Neoholothele incei 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More

Neoholothele incei

Neoholothele incei, also known as the Trinidad Olive Tarantula, is definitely one of the more interesting tarantulas in the hobby due to its unique appearance and personality. Due to the fact that it’s a communal species, many tarantula keepers don’t just have one of these — they have several! Learn all about how to care … Read more

Nhandu tripepii 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More

Nhandu tripepii

Nhandu tripepii, also known as the Brazilian Blonde Tarantula, is an extremely bushy and unique tarantula species. Not only does this tarantula have a great appearance, but it also tends to be quite friendly, hardy, and easy to care for. A great combination of traits! If you’re thinking about purchasing a Nhandu tripepii to add … Read more

Tarantula Lifespan: How Long Do Tarantulas Live? (10 Examples)

Tarantula lifespan

Tarantulas have become extremely popular pets within the past decade, and they’re only becoming more popular as time goes on. This can be attributed to their great appearances, unique personalities, and their surprisingly long lives. While most tarantulas only have around a 6″ legspan, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a tarantula species whose females don’t … Read more

What Do Tarantulas Eat? (Ultimate Feeding Guide)

What do tarantulas eat

Tarantulas have become extremely popular pets over the past decade or so, and it’s clear why that is. These creatures look incredible, are fun to care for, and provide endless hours of entertainment. One of the most important aspects of tarantula ownership, aside from housing them properly, is feeding them an optimal diet. For beginner … Read more