Best Tarantula Enclosures For Terrestrials & Arboreals

Bringing home a new tarantula is a very exciting time. There are so many different kinds of tarantulas with hundreds of different personalities and physical traits that will bring you tons of entertainment. However, no matter what kind of tarantula you’re bringing home, one thing remains true — you need to provide them with the … Read more

Harpactira pulchripes 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More

harpactira pulchripes

Over the years, some tarantulas emerge as favorites, or “crown jewels” among tarantula enthusiasts. Harpactira pulchripes is one of those well-received species, and it’s quite clear why that is. Their brilliant appearance combined with their rarity made them a status symbol for quite a few years, fetching upwards of $1000 when they first became known. Now, … Read more

Monocentropus balfouri 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More

Monocentropus balfouri

With the hundreds of tarantulas in existence, there’s bound to be some that stick out from the rest. ​Monocentropus balfouri​, also known as the Socotra Island Blue Baboon tarantula, is one of the most fascinating and sought-after tarantulas by experienced keepers in recent years. There are several different traits that make this tarantula so unique … Read more

Avicularia purpurea 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More

Avicularia purpurea

With the existence of hundreds of different tarantulas, there’s bound to be some tarantulas that are friendly and some that are for experienced owners only. The ​Avicularia purpurea​, also known as the Purple Pink Toe tarantula, is definitely one of the favorite tarantulas among beginners and veterans. This tarantula is part of the very well-received … Read more

Chilobrachys sp. Electric Blue 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More

Chilobrachys sp Electric Blue

Within the past couple of years, the Chilobrachys sp. Electric Blue has been one of the most-admired and sought-after tarantulas — for quite a good reason! While their overall genus is quite impressive, this tarantula takes its physical appearance to the next level. This post will review the unique appearance of the Chilobrachys sp. Electric … Read more

Poecilotheria regalis 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More

Indian ornamental tarantula

​With the widespread popularity and impressive diversity of tarantulas, its expected that some species will become more popular than others. The Indian Ornamental Tarantula (Poecilotheria regalis​) ​​​has been a favorite among tarantula keepers for years and is considered one of the most beautiful species. If you’re looking into ​adding an Indian Ornamental into your collection, … Read more

Old World vs. New World Tarantulas (Differences & Examples)

Old world vs new world tarantula

​Whether you’re an experienced tarantula owner or someone that’s just learning about these incredible creatures, there’s a good chance you’ve seen old world and new world tarantulas referenced. Many people think that old world tarantulas are simply species that roamed the earth long ago, while new world tarantulas only recently came into existence. ​While this … Read more

How Much Does A Tarantula Cost? [Initial & Yearly Cost Breakdown]

How much does a tarantula cost

Tarantulas are some of the most interesting pets that someone can own. These spiders are hairy, huge, and downright disturbing for some people. However, they’re also fascinating creatures that not too many people know a lot about. One of the questions people frequently ask about tarantulas is: How much does a tarantula cost? We’ve calculated … Read more