31 Tarantula Breeders with Tarantulas for Sale (2023)

Tarantulas must be some of the most taboo pets out there. While the majority of people seem to despise them, a small subsection of the population absolutely adores them for their diverse personalities and looks.

Because tarantulas aren’t necessarily mainstream, purchasing a tarantula can be a difficult task. Inexperienced pet owners may not know exactly where to buy a tarantula, and many major pet stores don’t offer tarantulas for sale.

Fortunately, we’ve made the process of finding a reputable tarantula breeder easier for you. There are many prominent tarantula breeders around the world that can ship a healthy tarantula right to your home for a surprisingly low cost!

Please note that we do not know all of these breeders and cannot personally endorse them. Although we’ve researched all breeders before listing them, doing your own research is essential!

American Tarantula Breeders

If you live in the United States, then you’ve got an abundance of tarantula breeders to pick from! With over 800 different species of tarantulas, the many different breeders within the US can provide access to many of the most prominent, and tons of “undiscovered”, tarantula species.

The many tarantula breeders below range from large companies to independently-owned operations. Each breeder has their own benefits, ranging from generous guarantees to free tarantulas, so make sure you explore all options thoroughly!


Fear Not Tarantulas

One of the best tarantula breeders out there! Fear Not Tarantulas has a staggering amount of tarantulas for sale, with thousands of satisfied customers over the years. Run by very knowledgeable and caring enthusiasts, this breeder offers very healthy animals and backs them up with a great guarantee.


Josh’s Frogs

Founded in 2004, Josh’s Frogs is one of the longest-standing tarantula breeders. While they sell several dozen species of tarantulas, Josh’s Frogs also sells a wide variety of frogs, reptiles, and feeder insects. They’ve also got a great live product guarantee and responsive customer service.


Pinchers & Pokies Exotics

This South Carolina-based breeder is run by the husband and wife duo Erik and Amanda. They offer many tarantulas for sale of different sizes, species, and ages, with sales running all the time.


Jamie’s Tarantulas

A very well-established and highly-regarded breeder selling lots of incredible tarantulas at great prices, as well as enclosures, supplies, and feeder insects.


Micro Wilderness

Nate is a tarantula and exotic animal enthusiast that’s more than happy to share his knowledge with prospective exotic pet owners. He offers an impressive selection of tarantulas as well as a VIP program.


Swift’s Invertebrates

Always a great collection of tarantulas for sale, and always a freebie included with orders! This established tarantula breeder is a common choice for enthusiasts looking to source their tarantulas.


Net Bug

North East Tarantulas Breeder’s Group is a group of experienced tarantula breeders. They’re passionate about breeding and preserving rare and common species of tarantula spiders in captivity, and are more than happy to provide care information.


M&T Exotics

Tom’s been in the hobby since the early 2000s and has solidified himself as a well-regarded breeder. M&T’s tarantula catalog is impressive, and it includes a healthy amount of rare and unusual tarantulas, which is always appreciated!


Deen’s Tarantulas

Deen’s Tarantulas has over 20 years of keeping, breeding, and vending experience and is active with local events.


Arthropod Ambassadors

A great breeder backed by extensive knowledge and a deep passion for bugs and nature in general. A smaller scale operation, Arthropod Ambassadors requires you to email them about inventory or visit them at a local expo.


Nature’s Exquisite Creatures

A family-owned Texas-based breeder that strives to have the healthiest tarantulas, scorpions, centipedes, and other inverts. Browse through their catalog of tarantulas and get a freebie when you spend over a certain amount.


Eighth Element

A relatively new breeder that spawned from several tarantula hobbyists. Despite their recent inception, Eighth Element offers many different tarantulas, isopods, and a couple of freebies!


Eresus Spider Shop

Tarantula breeders for over 20 years, Eresus Spider Shop boasts that over 95% of their animals are captive-bred at their 10,000 square foot facility. They also have an impressive dphysical retail shop in California.


Spider Shoppe

This breeder ships from a location on the west coast and one on the east coast, resulting in a fantastic tarantula selection and faster/safer shipping of their spiders.


Arachnid Rarities

Brandon is a biotech fanatic and breeder of rare/interesting tarantulas and scorpions. If you’re looking for a unique tarantula that not many people have, Arachnid Rarities is a great place to turn to.


Simply Spiders

Simply Spiders has recently come under new ownership and has become an excellent tarantula breeder with a massive offering of common and rare species. They also offer mystery boxes for enthusiasts that aren’t exactly sure what tarantulas they want to add to their collection.



Arachnoiden sells many different shapes and sizes of tarantulas with a great live arrival guarantee. They also offer something unique — the ability to trade in tarantulas that you may not be interested in anymore!


Goliath Arachnids

This Texas-based breeder sells some great tarantulas at surprisingly low prices. While they do ship their tarantulas, they also attend several conventions every single month.


Beasley Exotics

Florida-based family-owned breeders of tarantulas and ball pythons with over 100 species for sale. Beasley Exotics has tarantula sources all throughout the US, helping to grow their selection.


Underground Reptiles

A great family-owned business operating out of Florida for the past 30+ years. Underground Reptiles sell a bunch of tarantulas, as well as other inverts, reptiles, isopods, and many other animals.


Canadian Tarantula Breeders

While some of the larger American tarantula breeders ship to Canada, you may be looking for a Canada native to buy your tarantula from. Fortunately, you’re in luck!

Below are a couple of very established and reputable Canadian tarantula breeders to choose from.


Tangled In Webs

Over the last 9 years, Tangled In Webs has become one of Canada’s largest educators and supplier of captive bred arachnids. Working alongside some amazing breeders, they have been able to produce and raise some rare species of tarantulas and help build the breeding efforts within Canada.


Tarantula Canada

Tarantula Canada is run by a married couple of lifelong tarantula enthusiasts and has been in business for over 20 years. Their collection of tarantulas is impressive, and there’s always plenty of specials running.



Arachnophiliacs sells a bunch of tarantula species, and usually lets you pick from several different sizes. They also frequent expos, getting involved with the local tarantula community.


European Tarantula Breeders

Many tarantula breeders get their original species specimen from Europe, so it’s no surprise that there are some great breeders throughout the continent.

Make sure that you research the shipping/logistical constraints of each breeder, as well as your country, as there are some restrictions or barriers in place.


Spiders World

A very large and established European tarantula breeder with dozens of different tarantulas, ranging from the most popular beginner species to some expensive rarities.


So Many Legs

So Many Legs is family owned and operated tarantula breeder, selling species of all ages and sizes. They also sell other spiders, inverts, and various supplies.


The Spider Shop

The Spider Shop branches out from its name and sells many different tarantulas, bugs, and equipment. They care deeply about the hobby and offer ownership guides as well as starter packs to make ownership easier.


Portsmouth Tarantulas

Another family-run tarantula breeder that primarily sells slings and juveniles. They’re always open to answering questions of prospective customers!


Spider Store

One of the more prevalent tarantula breeders in Germany and owned by 2 friends/tarantula enthusiasts. Their selection of tarantulas is staggering, and their facility is one to be admired.


Australian Tarantula Breeders

If you live in Australia and want to buy a tarantula, you’ll likely need to turn to an Australian tarantula breeder due to the difficulty of shipping from other countries/continents.

Below we have a couple of great tarantula breeders in Australia that should help supply any and all tarantulas that you may want!


The Insectory

The Insectory sells insects, yes, but also tarantulas! They offer a couple solid choices, and are also always looking to buy unwanted or interesting tarantulas from their fans.


King Of The Arachnids

Based out of Sydney, King Of The Arachnids is a Sydney-based business specializing in the supply and education of native Australian invertebrates, including but not limited to spiders, centipedes and scorpions.


Minibeast Wildlife

Minibeast Wildlife has four major components; an online shop supplying live captive-bred invertebrates Australia-wide, out-reach education programs, professional photo and video services, and invertebrate set-building and wrangling.


Identifying A Good Tarantula Breeder

While tarantulas may seem like animals that are easy to breed and can’t really be bred wrong, that couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, tarantula breeders need to have many different things in check in order to be considered a good breeder.

If you’re looking to make a purchase from a tarantula breeder, it’s important to do your research. Below are some of the most important things you should look for when considering a breeder.


Reading reviews and customer feedback is usually the first step you take when making a purchase online, and buying from a tarantula breeder is no different! Reviews will give you valuable insight into the breeder.

Often times feedback will revolve around breeder responsiveness, breeder knowledge, tarantula health, shipping, and pricing — all very important areas!

Reviews for breeders can be found on their social media, their Google business listing, their website, and on forums like Arachnoboards. More prominent breeders will have more reviews, naturally, but that shouldn’t keep you from seeking out reviews for smaller breeders.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Most, if not all reputable breeders will offer some sort of live arrival guarantee, or LAG. This guarantee essentially states that if a tarantula arrives dead, then the breeder will either refund your money or send a replacement.

Of course, LAGs contain some stipulations, with the most common being that a deceased tarantula must be reported within 1-3 hours of arrival. This ensures that you don’t keep your tarantula sitting outside in the sun all day then get mad when it unsurprisingly passes.

If a breeder doesn’t offer a LAG, then it’s usually a good idea to look elsewhere — especially if you’re buying an expensive tarantula.

Legal Importing/Exporting

Many tarantula species are first bred in other countries before being bred in the United States. This process should be done legally, registering with Fish and Wildlife, and should involve same-day air shipping.

Unfortunately, some breeders and hobbyists order from other countries in a way that’s cheaper but very unsafe and illegal. Tarantulas that arrive in the mail this way die very frequently.

If a dealer does not offer a LAG on a “pre-import” sale, or your delivery timeline is months out, you are likely not dealing with a breeder that’s importing legally.

In Conclusion

To the right people, tarantulas make some pretty fantastic pets. Many species are inexpensive, they’re not overly-difficult to care for, and there’s a breadth of tarantula breeders to choose from.

If you’re going to purchase a tarantula, it needs to be from a reputable breeder, and it needs to be brought into a home with all of the necessary tarantula supplies and knowledge already there.

While they may be considered bugs, tarantulas are exotic pets that require special care to keep healthy. Do your research — that starts with buying from one of the best tarantula breeders that you can.