What Eats Hedgehogs? Hedgehog Predator List (10 Examples)

what eats hedgehogs

Hedgehogs living in the wild can be found in different habitats. From forests to deserts, these prickly pincushions are spread depending on their species. You can even find them roaming the streets in some urban areas. Hedgehogs live mostly in Africa, Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. They mainly feed on insects and vegetation. But, what … Read more

92 Hedgehog Breeders Near You with Hedgehogs for Sale (2023)

Hedgehog breeders

Hedgehogs are very popular pets, and it’s clear why that is! Aside from their incredibly unique appearance, they’re adorable, have great personalities, and aren’t overly difficult to care for. Although they’re quite common and there’s many different types of hedgehogs, it can be hard to find a good hedgehog breeder. Fortunately, we’ve made the process … Read more

How Much Does A Hedgehog Cost? (2023 Cost Breakdown)

How much does a hedgehog cost

Hedgehogs are some of the most uncommon yet well-received pets out there today. They’re well-liked for their cute, docile personalities and all-around adorable appearances. Well hedgehogs are well-known, not many people know much about them. The don’t know the small nuances of hedgehog care, and they think they’re much cheaper/more expensive than they actually are. … Read more

Best Hedgehog Bedding For Cleanliness & Comfort

Best hedgehog bedding

While hedgehogs are very unique animals, they still have many of the same basic needs as most other small pets. One of the most important aspects of a hedgehog’s care is their environment, specifically their bedding! Since hedgehogs spend most of their day in their cage, it’s essential that their home meets their specific needs. … Read more

Best Hedgehog Cage For Comfort & Quality

Best hedgehog cage

Hedgehogs make for some amazing pets — there’s no doubt about that. They’re very curious little creatures that have huge personalities and look way too cute for their own good. Because of this, many owners love to keep their hedgehogs out of their cage and around them whenever they’re home. However, hedgehogs still need a … Read more

Best Cat Foods For Hedgehogs

Best hedgehog food

Hedgehogs have become a lot more popular as pets within the past decade or two, which is a very exciting thing to hear! These interesting little creatures are so adorable and have a big personality for their small body. Because of this, it makes sense that hedgehog owners would want to make sure that their … Read more