Best Hedgehog Cage For Comfort & Quality

Hedgehogs make for some amazing pets — there’s no doubt about that. They’re very curious little creatures that have huge personalities and look way too cute for their own good. Because of this, many owners love to keep their hedgehogs out of their cage and around them whenever they’re home.

However, hedgehogs still need a place to stay when they’re not being social with you. This place needs to be clean, safe, and quite spacious in order to comfortably house a hedgehog.

So, the quality of your hedgehog’s cage is a big contributing factor to their overall health and happiness. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best hedgehog cages, in addition to a helpful buyer’s guide so that you can better understand your hedgehog’s needs.




AmazonBasicsPet Habitat

A fantastic value for a cage with its massive size, deep floor plan, quality cage construction, and easy cage access.

​Living WorldDeluxe Habitat

This large cage is a great home for messy hedgehogs with large top doors and a deep base pan that contains bedding well.

MidWest​Wabbitat Deluxe Cage

Another large cage that has a large, deep base pan, added accessories, and can be added to with several extension options.

​Ferplast​Krolik 140 Plus Cage

A cage that’s excellent for hedgehogs that love their privacy due to its easy-access hutch and large side door for easy access.

​Ware​Mobile Critter Home

A very well-built cage that’s easy to transport around your house and even easier to put together and maintain.

Does My Hedgehog Need A Cage?

Hedgehogs are adventurous little creatures that love to explore your house and get into all sorts of mischief. Because of this, it’s absolutely recommended that you let your hedgehog get plenty of playtime during the day when you can supervise them.

This freedom and exploration will keep your hedgehog’s mind stimulated and prevents the boredom that comes with being locked in a cage. However, this doesn’t mean that your hedgehog doesn’t require a cage.

Providing your hedgehog with a cage that acts as a home base is an essential part of caring for them. This importance is because of two factors. First, hedgehogs need to be locked up when you can’t supervise them, as they can get into mischief and damage either your belongings or themselves.

Additionally, a cage offers them a place to comfortably and safely relax, surrounded by all of their necessities like food, water, and a bed.

Once again, your hedgehog should get healthy amounts of freedom and interaction throughout the day, and should only be confined to a cage when they start getting tired or when you can’t supervise them. Now, just because your hedgehog may be small, that doesn’t mean that they can live in a small cage.

Why Are Bigger Hedgehog Cages Better?

Hedgehogs are decently small creatures, so you may initially think that they’d be fine in decently small cages. This is far from the truth, though, as small cages can hurt your hedgehog both mentally and physically — even if they get tons of free time for exploration and exercise during the day.

While there are a ton of different cages available that have all sorts of ramps and platforms, hedgehogs don’t utilize those things. These simple animals are a lot happier in a large, flat space that’s filled with their essentials and has room to run around and get their energy out.

Below are some of the reasons why you should always opt for a large hedgehog cage over a smaller one:

  • Larger cages are good forms of enrichment, making a hedgehog’s down time less cramped and boring
  • There’s a lot more room to exercise, helping your hedgehog stay healthy
  • Easier to clean as eating, sleeping, and bathroom areas are all separated from each other
  • There’s more room to express natural behaviors, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your hedgehog
  • Hedgehogs can exercise by themselves, whenever they want to

Even one square foot of extra cage space could be the difference between a happy and a depressed hedgehog. That is why we always recommend that hedgehog owners invest in the largest cage that they possible can.

The extra money spent will definitely be noticed in the well-being of your hedgehogs!

Where To Keep Your Hedgehog Cage

While having a large hedgehog cage is very important, it’s not the only environmental factor that you need to consider. It also matters where you keep the cage! A hedgehog’s environmental extends beyond the bars of their cage.

Below are several things that you’ll want to consider regarding your hedgehog’s cage location:

  • Temperature – The ideal temperature for a hedgehog is between 74°F and 78°F. This specific range means that your hedgehog’s cage needs to be located in a neutral location that’s away from any extremes. The cage should be kept away from direct sun, fireplaces, and heating vents. Chilly rooms are just as bad, so take care during the winter. Humidity is another thing to consider, as humid locations can promote mold growth on hedgehog bedding which would make them prone to illness.
  • Noise – Hedgehogs may not have large ears, but they are pretty sensitive. Because of this, hedgehogs shouldn’t be placed in areas that experience a lot of noise, such as a kitchen or common area. Also, be wary of things such as televisions and stereo systems and their proximity to your hedgehog.
  • Socialization – Hedgehogs aren’t the most social animals, but they do benefit from being around you. So, placing your hedgehog’s cage in a room that gets mild traffic is a great way to give them regular exposure. If you’re home, though, it may be a good idea to just take your hedgehog out of their cage.

Can Two Hedgehogs Live In The Same Cage?

Hedgehogs are not social animals. Therefore, it may be hard to hear, but you should not be housing multiple hedgehogs together unless you’ve socialized them for a very long time and are positive that they won’t fight each other. If you’re even a bit uncertain, it’s smart and safe to keep each hedgehog in their own separated cage.

If you do test placing multiple hedgehogs together, don’t let them fool you. Hedgehogs can go days or even weeks without showing aggression before getting nasty. You need to be extremely vigilant with watching over them, and you always need to make sure to supply each hedgehog with their own food, water, bed, etc.

This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost, though! Some hedgehogs have been socialized since their youth, so they’re quite comfortable with living around other hedgehogs. You’ll know that they’ve been socialized by either finding out that they were part of the same litter or through observation.

Also note that you should never house female and male hedgehogs together unless they’re spayed and neutered.

What Defines The Best Hedgehog Cage?

Not all hedgehog cages are created equal. In fact, some cages that are marketed as appropriate for hedgehogs don’t meet their basic environmental requirements. Every cage that you consider for your hedgehog must follow these guidelines to ensure that they’re getting the best living space possible:

  • Size – As stated earlier, hedgehogs need more space than you may think! A single hedgehog needs a cage that’s at least 24″ x 24″, or 4 square feet. However, more space is recommended as it certainly won’t hurt your hedgehog! Make sure that the cage has enough space to fit all of the hedgehog essentials like beds, food and water dishes, and a wheel.
  • Accessibility – Having a cage that’s very accessible is great for two reasons. First of all, a cage with great accessibility makes it very easy to clean without much effort. It also makes it easy to grab your hedgehog in case of an emergency.
  • Safe & easy-to-clean materials – Fortunately, hedgehogs don’t have a constant need to chew like many rodents do. Therefore, having plastic in your hedgehog’s cage is totally safe. You should still ensure that the materials are sturdy and not easily broken, as broken pieces can either get ingested or stab your hedgehog. Smooth surfaces also allow for a more thorough cleaning job.
  • Ventilation – Opt for a cage that has proper ventilation, as some cages may be too closed-off to allow for proper airflow. Be sure that this ventilation is present in the hutches or private hiding areas, as hedgehogs need a place that they can be alone but still have access to fresh air.

What Is The Best Hedgehog Cage?

While it may be overwhelming to look at the specific needs of a hedgehog and then try and find a cage to fulfill those needs, it’s not a very difficult process. By basing your buying decisions off of the guide above, you’re ensuring that you’re meeting your hedgehog’s environmental needs. Also, by going off of that guide, we’ve found five of the best hedgehog cages available that would provide your spikey friend with a great home.

Remember, a higher quantity of hedgehogs would require a larger cage, so take that into account when choosing a cage.

our #1 rated



Pet Habitat



Our Rating

Although this cage is made by Amazon’s house brand, it’s still one of the best hedgehog cages on the market, hands down. The dimensions of this cage are just under 4′ x 2′, making it extremely spacious and giving you plenty of room to fill it with your hedgehog’s accessories. The sturdy upper cage is made from iron and attached to a safe plastic base. On the cage, there’s two large doors that allow easy access throughout the entirety of the cage. This cage isn’t just a flat surface, though. There’s also an included feeding balcony that creates a private hide-away area underneath it. To top it off, this cage comes with a water bottle, hay guard (that you won’t need), and a tip-proof food dish. Overall, it does a great job meeting the needs of a hedgehog.

Hedgehog owners that use this cage have excellent things to say about it. To begin with, the large size of the cage is something that’s frequently praised. Owners note that their hedgehogs have plenty of room to run around. Additionally, even though the cage is very sturdy, it’s very easy to assemble and access every inch of the cage through the doors. The added accessories are also high-quality and add to the value.

There are no glaring problems with this cage. The only complaint that people seem to have about it is that it’s bulky. This is to be expected, though, as it’s a large and solid cage. Bulkiness also doesn’t matter as you won’t be moving your hedgehog’s cage much once you put it in place.


  • Great quality/size for the price
  • Added accessories
  • Easy access with two big doors


  • Slightly bulky

our #2 rated

Living World

Deluxe Habitat



Our Rating

The Deluxe Habitat by Living World provides hedgehogs with all that they need to live a happy and comfortable life. The wire frame is right and secure, locking into the deep plastic base. This combination makes for a cage that’s not only neat and great at containing messes, but it’s also safe and very secure. A raised platform with a hidden space underneath also exists, making for a nice perch and private hideaway. While the cage is extremely large, it’s very easy to access every inch of it through the massive hinged doors on the top and side. The added accessories are also quite high-quality, really rounding out this cage as a solid choice.

Owners of this cage commonly point out how much space that their hedgehogs have to run around and be active in. All of a hedgehog’s accessories fit into this cage while leaving plenty of room for typical hedgehog shenanigans. Additionally, the cage is quite easy to put together and doesn’t weigh much despite the massive size and great quality.

A couple of owners have stated that the platform in this cage is slightly flimsy and may bend when excess weight is placed on it. The included water bottle is also not good quality, which isn’t an issue as hedgehogs love drinking from bowls. Despite these small issues, the cage itself is very well-built and would provide a hedgehog with a home for many years.


  • Very large, diverse cage
  • Deep bottom pan
  • Added accessories


  • Platform slightly flimsy

our #3 rated


Wabbitat Deluxe Cage



Our Rating

Featuring many of the same design elements as the first two cages, this Wabbitat Deluxe Cage by MidWest does a great job meeting the needs of hedgehogs. This cage is roughly 4′ x 2′ with a tight metal cage attached to a deep plastic base to keep both hedgehogs and their mess contained. An elevated feeding platform and private hideaway is also present in this cage, creating a diverse living space. In addition to the standard accessories, this cage comes with three massive doors that make it very easy to access every inch of the interior. Another great feature of this cage is that MidWest has created several add-ons for it that can be purchased separately. These add-ons include a hutch or simply more floor space.

Hedgehog owners love how spacious this cage is, commonly pointing out that it almost provides more space than their hedgehog could use. Assembly of the cage is quite easy despite the large size, and the overall construction feels very secure and solid. One of the biggest benefits that this cage has is that it’s incredibly easy to keep clean due to the large doors.

A couple of hedgehog owners have noted that the upper part of this cage is a little flimsy, not being able to hold much weight on top of it. It was also a bit difficult to put together for some people. Despite the bars not being the best quality, the cage as a whole is still very well-built and meets the needs of hedgehogs easily.


  • Many doors for accessibility
  • Added accessories
  • Possibility for extensions


  • Slightly difficult to put together
  • Flimsiness of metal cage

our #4 rated


Krolik 140 Plus Cage



Our Rating

the Krolik 140 Plus Cage by Ferplast is yet another strong contender in the race for the best hedgehog cage. This cage measures around 4.5′ x 2′, easily providing enough room for a hedgehog and its accessories. Not only is there a lot of space provided, but that space is quite interesting and diverse. In addition to the elevated feeding platform and private area underneath, there’s an added hutch with hinged roof included for extra privacy and accessibility. Overall, this cage is easily one of the most diverse hedgehog cages we’ve found in our research.

Owners of this cage state that it’s simply a great cage — even for two hedgehogs. The attached hutch is loved by most hedgehogs, making it a must-have for hedgehogs that love to hide after a day of mischief. It’s also a very easy cage to clean due to the large side door, which can be left open so that hedgehogs can come and go. The feeding platform is removable, too, which some owners take advantage of to give their hedgehogs more floor space.

A couple of owners have pointed out that the top part of the cage is quite difficult to attach to the bottom part. This issue is commonly (and quite simply) fixed with zip ties or bungee cables. Also, the fact that there’s only one massive door can be an issue if you’re trying to clean the cage but don’t want your hedgehog escaping.


  • Large side door
  • Added private extension
  • Diverse living space


  • Cage difficult to initially attach
  • Door isn’t very secure

our #5 rated


Mobile Critter Home



Our Rating

Ware’s Mobile Critter Home is quite different from the rest of the cages in this list, but it does still have its place. This cage is very spacious, very easy to assemble, and made of some great quality materials that feel safe and durable. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into this cage as even the doors are extra secure, requiring two fingers to open it. The bottom of the cage is covered in a grate, but this should be removed to make it accommodating for your hedgehog. Additionally, the entire cage sits on four maneuverable wheels that makes it easy to move around your house.

Most hedgehog owners say that they have no problem assembling the cage, noting that it feels very secure once built. These owners tend to remove the bottom grate of the cage as it provides a nice deep pan with high walls for their hedgehogs to live in. The wheels are a nice addition, too, as they’re very effective at making this cage mobile.

Some hedgehog owners have noted that the bottom tray can be difficult to clean due to the fact that the entire tray has to be removed. This can be a hassle as it requires you to remove your hedgehogs from the cage before cleaning.


  • Safe and secure build
  • Versatile flooring
  • Very mobile


  • Hard to clean bottom tray
  • Slightly small

Our Choice

While hedgehogs are generally happy, engaging, curious pets, these characteristics can be negatively influenced if they don’t have a good home to live in. When you’re not playing with your hedgehog and keeping a watchful eye on them, they’ll need a nice cage to lounge around in. Even if your hedgehog isn’t in a cage for very long, choosing the correct one will ensure that their physical needs are met and that they’re happy and healthy even when they’re relaxing.So, after carefully reviewing all of the guinea pig cages available, we’ve determined that the best guinea pig cage is the AmazonBasics Pet Habitat.Not only is this cage a great value for the money, but it is large enough to hold a hedgehog’s accessories, built to be safe and secure, and comes with added accessories to round out your hedgehog’s living experience. While this cage is the best of the best, any of the cages we’ve presented in this post would make an excellent home for your hedgehog. Make sure that you read our guide thoroughly so that you can ensure you’re meeting your hedgehog’s needs with your cage selection.

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