92 Hedgehog Breeders Near You with Hedgehogs for Sale (2022)

Hedgehog breeders

Hedgehogs are very popular pets, and it’s clear why that is! Aside from their incredibly unique appearance, they’re adorable, have great personalities, and aren’t overly difficult to care for.

Although they’re quite common and there’s many different types of hedgehogs, it can be hard to find a good hedgehog breeder. Fortunately, we’ve made the process of finding a reputable breeder easier for you.

There are very few hedgehog breeders within the United States. For some states, we’re unable to find a good breeder. In this case, we’ve highlighted a reputable hedgehog shelter where you can adopt a healthy hedgehog.

In many cases this is a better option, as hedgehogs in shelters are in desperate need of a loving home. Some states don’t even have a dedicated hedgehog shelter.

If you’re a breeder/rescue and would like to get listed, please contact us!

American Hedgehog Breeders

Below we’ve highlighted some very passionate and credible hedgehog breeders. We strive to keep this directory current and accurate.

Please note that we do not know all of these breeders and cannot personally endorse them.



Boss Hogs Hedgehogs


Tranquil Hedgies



Hedge of Alaska





Sonoran Desert Hedgehogs of AZ



Pokey Moms



Hedgehogs are illegal in California



Colorful Quills Hedgehogs


Heart of Gold Hedgehogs


Prickly Paws Hedgehogs



Connecticut Hedgehogs


Halpine Hedgehogs


Southeastern Connecticut Exotics



Curious Creatures Rescue



Florida Hedgehogs


Hurricane Hedgehogs


Top Notch Hedgehogs



Hedgehogs are illegal in Georgia



Hedgehogs are illegal in Hawaii



Little Hedgehog Burrow


Good Natured Hedgehogs



Morning Star Hedgehogs


Prickle Pack Hedgehogs



CC’s Exotic Pets


Northern Indiana Hedgehogs



Iowa Family Hedgehogs



Hedgehog Valley


Hedgehogs & Guinea Pigs of Kansas by J & J



Happy-Heart Hedgies


Top Quality Hedgehogs



Kelly’s Quills Hedgehogs


Achilles’ Quill Hedgehogs



Emerson’s Exotics



Quill Valley Hedgehogs & Tenrecs


Terrapin Hedgehogs



Boston Hedgehogs


Cape Cod Hedgehogs



Muddy Creek Farms


Pinkies Hedgehogs of Michigan


Pins and Needles Hedgehogs


Sweet Quills Hedgehogs of Michigan



Otsego Hedgehogs


Happy Hedgehogs of Central Minnesota



Mississippi Hedge Hogs



Susan’s Hawkeye Hedgies


Heartland Hedgehogs


Buffalo Creek Hedgehogs



Montana Hedgehogs


The Exotics Animal Farm



Hand’s Hedgehogs

  • 📍 Location: Fremont, NE
  • 🌐 Website: handshedgehogs.com
  • ☎️ Contact: (402) 720-3569


Renn’s Hedgehog Heaven


Sarah’s Andorian Hedgehogs



Feathers and Spikes


Reno Hedgehogs


New Hampshire

Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs


Granite State Hedgehogs


Perkins Prickly Pals


New Jersey

Hog Wild Hedgehogs


Hudymas Hedgies


New Mexico



New York



Hog Heaven Hedgehogs


North Carolina

Carolina Quillery


Penny’s Prickly Pigs


North Dakota




HuckStar Hedgehogs


Millermeade Farm’s Critter Connection


Clements Exotics


Hog and Lotl Breeders



Gunner’s Quills Hedgehogs





West Coast Hedgehogs


Rose City Hedgehogs



Hedgehogs are illegal in Pennsylvania


Rhode Island

The Alternative Hedgehog


South Carolina

SassyQuills Hedgehogs


South Dakota

Hedgehogs of the Hills





April’s Hedgie Herd



Happy Hogs


Hedgehog Heaven



Prickle Farms


Prickle Hogs


Storybook Hedgehogs


Alice’s Hedgehogs



Green Mountain Quillibusters


Prickly Potato Hedgehogs



Penny’s Prickly Pigs


Needlework Hedgehogs


Henry’s Hedgehog Haven



Briar Patch Hedgehogs


Bumble Bee Hedgies


Hedgehogs Northwest


Volcano View Hedgehogs


Lilac City Hedgehogs


West Virginia

Heartfelt Hedgehogs



Peeps N Paws


Noodle Back Hedgehogs





Identifying A Good Hedgehog Breeder

If you’re looking to buy a hedgehog from a breeder either because no shelters have hedgehogs or because you want a 100% genetically healthy hedgehog, you may be wondering how to tell apart the good and the bad.

Remember, you should only buy a hedgehog from a reputable breeder, not a backyard breeder.

Key Differences

At a quick glance, reputable and backyard breeders may look fairly similar. However, there are a few ways you can tell them apart:

  • Backyard breeders won’t let you see the hedgehogs’ living conditions, while reputable breeders make conditions well-known.
  • Backyard breeders sell their hedgehogs for cheap in local marketplaces, while reputable breeders operate more legitimately with websites, Facebook pages, referrals, etc.
  • Backyard breeders can’t show genetic histories, while reputable breeders happily will.
  • Backyard breeders don’t care where their hedgehogs are going, while reputable breeders work to make sure they’re selling their hedgehogs to a good home.

Questions To Ask A Hedgehog Breeder

We’ve come up with 9 questions that you should ask a potential breeder before purchasing a hedgehog from them.

Based off of their answers to these questions, you should be able to identify whether you’re doing business with a good or bad hedgehog breeder.

  1. May I see your breeding license?
  2. Do you have references for previous buyers?
  3. May I see your hedgehogs’ living conditions?
  4. Can you provide me with your hedgehogs’ genetic histories?
  5. Do you provide birth certificates with details about the parents?
  6. What food do you feed to the hedgehogs as hoglets and adults?
  7. Am I allowed to interact with the hedgehog in person first?
  8. Do you keep sick/nursing hedgehogs separate?
  9. Will you be able to answer any other questions I may have about hedgehog care?

Analyzing A Hedgehog’s Health

Another way to tell a good breeder from a bad breeder is through the physical appearance of a hedgehog and their living conditions.

Hedgehogs that come from good breeders should have all of these traits and then some:

  1. Clean cages, food bowls, water bowls, bedding, etc.
  2. Calm hedgehogs that don’t become nervous/aggressive when handled
  3. Healthy spines
  4. Clean, soft ears
  5. Hard, well-kept nails
  6. Clear eyes

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Hedgehog?

Before you purchase a hedgehog, it’s important to note that the cost of a hedgehog isn’t just made up of a hedgehog itself. Instead, it’s made up of the hedgehog and all of its essential supplies.

While you may be able to buy a hedgehog for $100, you also need to house it, feed it, and care for it in several other ways — all things that cost you money.

Make sure that you have the financial means to keep a hedgehog. You need to avoid having to rehome your hedgehog at all costs.

For a detailed cost breakdown of hedgehog ownership, click here. We’ve broken down every possible cost so that nothing surprises you!

In short, though:

  • Hedgehogs cost around $100 to $200
  • All of a hedgehog’s one-time supplies cost around $200
  • Yearly, a hedgehog’s recurring costs can be anywhere from $175 to $300+


Hedgehogs aren’t just pets that you can purchase and neglect — they need as much, if not more care than cats, dogs, and other popular pets.