Are Rats Nocturnal? The Rat Sleep Schedule (Explained)

Are rats nocturnal

No matter what pet you own, you’ve likely noticed that they have much different sleep schedules than humans. While most humans sleep all night and stay up all day, most animals tend to sleep sporadically throughout the day! Rats are no different in this respect. However, rats have unique sleep schedules due to their personalities … Read more

Rat Names – 153 Cute, Funny, Movie, & Pair Names

Rat names

​If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning a pet rat, you’ll know just how unique each individual rat is. Their personalities are so big for such small creatures that it’s honestly quite impressive! Because these cr​itters are so different and full of life, you’ll likely want to give them a name that’s equally as … Read more

Best Rat Bedding For Comfort & Cleanliness

Best rat bedding

Rats get a lot of hate for being dirty animals, but this is simply a misconception. In reality, rats are very smart and clean animals that love to have a nice environment to live in. This environment usually contains a custom nest, with a surprising lack of fecal matter and leftover food waste. This comfortable … Read more

Best Rat Food For Nutrition & Taste

There are so many misconceptions and negative views on rats, but owners of the cute little things know that, despite popular beliefs, they’re extremely smart, playful, and fun critters to have as a companion! Rats can easily provide you with large amounts of love and entertainment, so it makes sense that owners would want to … Read more