Do Bugs Take Fall Damage? (Some Do, Some Don’t)

Do bugs take fall damage

Bugs are seemingly everywhere and don’t hesitate to climb on any surface. Floors, tables, walls, and ceilings are all fair game for these creatures. What happens if they fall, though? Are they free to walk on all surfaces without a care in the world, or are they risking their lives every time they climb up … Read more

What Eats Grasshoppers? Grasshopper Predators List (6 Examples)

What eats grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are found on every single continent except for Antarctica. These widespread insects come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and live in a variety of different habitats. With all of the different habitats of grasshoppers, they’re bound to have different behaviors, diets, and predators. What exactly eats these creepy-looking insects? Are grasshoppers’ predators the … Read more

Do Grasshoppers Bite? (Are They Dangerous To Humans?)

Do grasshoppers bite

Grasshoppers are part of the Orthoptera order, along with crickets and cockroaches. They’re extremely common, herbivorous, and considered a pest because of the large amount of crops that they eat. While they’re definitely ugly insects, not many people consider them to be dangerous — just a little frightening. Should people be scared of grasshoppers, though? … Read more

Firefly Lifespan: How Long Do Lightning Bugs Live?

Firefly lifespan

Fireflies, also known as lightning bugs, are a type of insects that belong to the beetle family. They’re not flies. Their scientific name is Lampyridae, and they have more than 2000 species. They’re those insects that we know for glowing. It’s interesting to know that the ancient Chinese used to capture fireflies and keep them … Read more

101 Butterfly Quotes for Butterfly Lovers

Butterfly quotes

Butterflies are a very common symbol of life, beauty, and grace. Because of this, seeing them usually sparks such great feelings and positivity, making them a favorite animal among many. You can commonly see imagery of butterflies in houses, in literature, and tattooed on skin. Because of this prominence in our culture, it makes sense … Read more