73 Chinchilla Breeders Near You with Chinchillas for Sale (2023)

Chinchilla breeders

Chinchillas are some of the most beloved exotic pets out there, and for a good reason! They’re energetic, adorable, and can easily bring a smile to your face. While chinchillas are fairly common pets, finding a good chinchillas breeder isn’t as common. In fact, many people aren’t aware of the fact that you should almost … Read more

Chinchilla Lifespan: How Long Do Chinchillas Live?

Chinchilla lifespan

​On average, wild chinchillas tend to live between 8 and 10 years, while chinchillas in captivity commonly live to be ​15 to 20 years old! ​This age range can vary quite a bit, though, depending on factors such as the type of chinchilla, their family history, daily care, and a bit of luck. As the owner … Read more

Best Chinchilla Food For Taste & Nutrition

Best chinchilla food

​Chinchillas are definitely one of the most interesting and bizarre pets that you could own. These round balls of fluff are so full of energy and have a personality that will never cease to entertain you. When you have a pet that can bring you so much joy, it makes sense that you’ll want to … Read more

How Much Does A Chinchilla Cost? (2023 Cost Breakdown)

How much does a chinchilla cost

Chinchillas are pretty bizarre and obscure creatures that not too many people are knowledgeable about. They are also adorable, though, so quite a few people are interested in owning a chinchilla as a pet. However, these potential owners usually have a lot of questions regarding chinchilla ownership. One of the first questions that prospective owners … Read more

Best Chinchilla Cages That Are Comfortable & Chew-Proof

Best chinchilla cage

Chinchillas are not difficult creatures to love. These rodents are largely known for their big eyes, massive ears, and overall adorable appearance. Experiencing a chinchilla in person is a great way to understand why they’re wanted as a pet by so many people — they’re so fun! However, they do require special care and attention … Read more