Best Chinchilla Cages That Are Comfortable & Chew-Proof

Chinchillas are not difficult creatures to love. These rodents are largely known for their big eyes, massive ears, and overall adorable appearance. Experiencing a chinchilla in person is a great way to understand why they’re wanted as a pet by so many people — they’re so fun! However, they do require special care and attention in order to be as happy and healthy as they can be.

One of the most important things that you can do for your chinchilla is make sure that they have an appropriate cage that fits their needs. Their cage needs to be large enough to accommodate them while remaining strong enough to be chew-resistant. To make the process of finding the right chinchilla cage, we’ve compiled a list of the best cages available in addition to a handy buyer’s guide.




PrevueBlack Feisty Ferret Cage

A solidly-built cage that’s simple to put together, provides plenty of room for active chinchillas, and is very easy to clean.

MidWestFerret Nation Deluxe Cage

A ferret cage that meets the needs of chinchillas through its safe, large, durable construction and design.

MidWestCritter Nation ​Single Story

Provides a great home for a single chinchilla that’s constructed really well and remains roomy enough for customization.

Prevue​484 Deluxe Critter Cage

Very easy to construct and easier to maintain, this cage has five movable shelves, a hammock, and quality metal.

PrevueHendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage

A cage with a solid metal interior that’s very spacious, easily prevents escape, and is decently easy to clean.

Can Chinchillas Live In Other Animal Cages?

Chinchillas can absolutely live in cages that are marketed for other animals! Chinchillas are less common of a pet than ferrets or rats, so it makes sense why cage manufacturers would market their cages for the more popular pets. This doesn’t mean that they’re less fitting for chinchillas, though.

When you’re looking for a cage, it really comes down to how well the cage would house your chinchilla and meet their needs. As long as the sizing of a cage is appropriate, security is solid, and the construction can put up with a chinchilla’s chewing, it should generally be a good home for your chinchilla.

It’s important to note that chinchillas are inherently different animals than rats, ferrets, and other small creatures. They have similarities, but also have needs that specifically must be met. For example, a cage may come with a wire bottom level, and chinchillas can’t walk on wires or it’ll hurt their feet. Fortunately, if there is an issue like this, most of the time it’s a very quick and easy fix to make it appropriate for your chinchilla.

Why Are Bigger Chinchilla Cages Better?

As a general rule of thumb, if you can afford to get your chinchilla a bigger cage, you should. Chinchillas do like to be in snug and comfortable places when they’re sleeping, but they aren’t meant to be cooped up in their waking hours. Their exploratory nature and intelligence means that their cages should be bigger than what is sometimes advertised.

Chinchillas are very active and energetic creatures. Ensuring that your chinchilla has plenty of room to comfortably and freely play and explore is an essential step in keeping your chinchilla happy. It gives them a place to entertain themselves when you’re not there to entertain them! Two or three-story cages provide a diverse living environment to keep them even happier.

When cages are multi-leveled, it allows for the separation of essential items such as litter boxes, beds, water, and toys. If all of these things are too cramped together, especially if there are two or three chinchillas sharing the same cage, you’ll start to notice some negative health effects that are easily avoidable.

Chinchilla Cage Accessories

The chinchilla cage itself is very important, but so are the accessories within it. While it may be easy to just throw your chinchilla in a cage with a blanket and call it a day, it’s not quite that easy. Here are some essential accessories you’ll want to make sure that you include in your chinchilla’s cage:

  • Bedding – A nice paper bedding is a great addition to any chinchilla’s cage. When a healthy layer is placed at the bottom of a cage, it acts as a comfortable place to burrow and sleep, and it also absorbs liquids and helps to control odor.
  • Water bottle – A quality, stoppered water bottle that attaches to the side of a cage is a great way to ensure that your chinchilla has a constant supply of water while keeping the bedding nice and dry.
  • Food bowl – Chinchillas are energetic little things, so a food bowl that’s very difficult to spill is a great way to keep your chinchilla’s food contained and uncontaminated.
  • Exercise wheel – Building on the idea that chinchillas have lots of energy, an exercise wheel is an essential accessory for a cage. These wheels provide your chinchilla with a way to run to their heart’s content and release excess energy. Make sure that the exercise wheel is large, has a solid plastic build, and runs very quiet.
  • Hide area – Having a private, safe area in a cage is great for your chinchilla’s health. This hide area can be a nest box, tunnel, or any other chew-proof area where they can feel safe and secure at any time.
  • Dust bath – Chinchillas are very clean and soft animals, and they maintain their soft fur by taking frequent dust baths. Specialized dust and bathing tubs are available, and all you have to do is give your chinchilla access to them at least twice a week. This doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in their cage.
  • Toys – Toys not only keep your chinchilla entertained and engaged, but they also keep their teeth worn down. Chinchillas have teeth that constantly grow, so they need safe toys to chew on to keep them at a healthy length. There are many safe wooden toys available that are harmless if ingested and last for a long time.

What Defines The Best Chinchilla Cage?

Not all cages are good for chinchillas. In fact, some cages are downright dangerous for them! Therefore, when looking for a cage for your chinchilla, you’ll want to keep these characteristics in mind. If the cage you’re looking at doesn’t meet these standards, see if there’s a potential DIY fix for the problem.

  • Size – Although chinchillas aren’t the largest creatures, they do require more space than you may initially think. A cage for two chinchillas should have at least 12 cubic feet of floor space. However, the bigger the cage, the more room for all of the necessary accessories and free play. Additionally, the cage should be as tall as possible, as chinchillas love to climb and experience different elevations.
  • Safety – Chinchillas are little daredevils, so it’s important that you get a cage that can withstand all of their antics. Metal, wired cages are definitely some of the safest and most secure options. They’re not only solid, but provide sufficient airflow to keep the environment breathable. The base of the floor should be solid or easy to cover with a solid sheet in order to keep your chinchilla’s feet safe. There should also not be any plastic pieces, as chinchillas are vicious chewers and will demolish weak platforms and accessories.
  • Accessibility – Choosing a cage that’s accessible is beneficial for several reasons. An accessible cage with several doors makes it much easier to thoroughly clean the cage, and it also allows you to access and play with your chinchillas much easier.
  • Easy to clean – You could choose a great quality cage for your chinchilla, but if you can’t keep it clean, it’s going to cause a lot of problems in the long run. Choose a cage that’s large enough to where it doesn’t become overly dirty within a couple of days, but also make sure that you can thoroughly clean every crack and crevice so bacteria can’t build. If you’re using a paper bedding, you’ll also want to make sure that the base pan has high walls to properly contain it. Fleece bedding can be used in cages with short walls.
  • Escape-proof – Chinchillas may appear large and round, but the reality is that they’re mostly fluff! Because of this, your chinchilla can easily squeeze through very small spaces. If your chinchilla can squeeze their head out of a space, they will most likely be able to fit the rest of their body, too. A general rule of thumb is to avoid cages with bar spacing larger than half an inch.

What Is The Best Chinchilla Cage?

While it can be a bit overwhelming to learn about the needs of your chinchilla and then try and find a cage that meets those needs, it’s not a very complicated process when making sure that a cage aligns with the guide given above. By going off of that guide, we’ve found five of the best chinchilla cages available that would provide your chinchilla with a fantastic home.Remember, a higher quantity of chinchillas would require a larger cage, so take that into account when choosing a cage.

our #1 rated



Black Feisty Ferret Cage



Our Rating

This Prevue Hendryx cage may have originally created to house ferrets, but it’s a very appropriate home for chinchillas as well! The construction of the cage is very solid and high-quality, with a very spacious interior and several ramps and landings to give your chinchilla plenty of room to roam and play. Massive, secure doors give you great access to the entirety of the cage, doing something that a lot of cages struggle to do. Additionally, the middle landing platform has a feature where you can either open it or close it off, effectively creating two separate cages in one.

Chinchilla owners are big fans of this cage, complimenting quite a few features. Because of its solid metal construction, the cage is protected from the rough chewing of a chinchilla. It’s also frequently praised as being a cage that’s easy to assemble and access yet feels very secure once built. Also, the spaciousness of this cage is something that both owners and chinchillas alike love.

This cage does have one flaw, though, but it isn’t too bad. This flaw is that the bottom of the cage is wired instead of being a flat platform. This is harmful to a chinchilla’s feet, so this is a design issue that would need to be dealt with by the owner. Fortunately, the fix is as easy as placing a blanket or board over the wiring. If you can’t make these changes, it’s recommended that you go with a different cage.


  • Added hammock
  • Very large size
  • Easy, solid construction
  • Large, accessible doors


  • Wire bottom of cage
  • Bedding spills out sometimes

our #2 rated


Ferret Nation Deluxe Cage



Our Rating

This is another cage that was designed with ferrets in mind but excellently meets the needs of chinchillas. The solid construction of this cage, combined with its spaciousness, makes it an excellent option for two or maybe three chinchillas. The doors of the cage are large and secure, the flooring is very easy to clean, and it’s designed in a way to protect chinchillas from falling long distances from the higher levels.

Chinchilla owners are big fans of this cage, saying that it gives their chinchillas plenty of room to run around without feeling cramped. Additionally, the large size and movable platforms allow for customization and the addition of quite a few toys and accessories. Owners also note that it’s a very easy cage to access and clean thoroughly.

There are two downsides to this cage that need to be dealt with. First of all, the construction of the cage was very difficult for some owners. Additionally, the base pan is a bit shallow and plastic. This makes it susceptible to chewing by chinchillas and doesn’t let it contain bedding very well. Fortunately, this can easily be dealt with by the addition of a base plate and some added walls.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Very large size
  • Allows for customization
  • Easy to clean


  • Difficult to construct
  • Plastic base isn’t the best for chinchillas

our #3 rated


Critter Nation Single Story



Our Rating

In terms of a single chinchilla enclosure, this cage checks all of the boxes. The Critter Nation Double Unit is very well-built, making it safe from destruction and escape of clever chinchillas. There is also a solid floor that’s easy to clean, a large and secure door for easy access, and effective wheels for transportation. This cage is definitely constructed for single chinchillas, though, so families of two or three chinchillas should opt for one of the cages listed above.

Chinchilla owners that went with this cage are pleased with their choice. Due to its smaller size, its a cage that’s pretty lightweight, movable, and easy to construct. Additionally, it’s a cage that’s very easy to clean due to the large door providing great access to the entirety of the cage and the design of the floor panels.

The reason why this cage isn’t the highest rated in our list is because of the size. While it is a fine cage for a single chinchilla, it shouldn’t house any more than that. The smaller size can make it difficult to properly fit all of a chinchilla’s accessories neatly within it. The price of the cage is also generally close to that of the larger cages, meaning that it’s usually not a lot more of an investment to get a cage that’s twice as big.


  • Excellent quality
  • Compact yet houses one chinchilla comfortably
  • Easy to accessorize
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Shallow floor tray
  • Generally a bit pricey

our #4 rated


484 Deluxe Critter Cage



Our Rating

The 484 Deluxe Critter Cage from Prevue is yet another roomy and solidly-built cage, providing a great home for many chinchillas. The construction of the cage is very solid, and the wires are tightly spaced in order to prevent chewing and to keep chinchillas from squeezing between them and escaping. The platforms in this cage are well-built, too, having the ability to be rearranged to allow for maximum customization. An added hammock, effective wheels, and storage shelf round out this cage and make it an overall effective home.

The quality of this cage is one of the most popular talking points for reviewers. It’s a cage that’s very easy to put together and has no big problems with the overall construction and design that could be harmful or risky. For the price, this cage is also very large. Despite the large size, owners have no problem cleaning the cage due to its large doors and platform design.

Unfortunately, this cage does have the issue of a wire bottom that can hurt a chinchilla’s feet. This issue is easy to fix, though, as towels, sheets, or boards can just be placed down to cover the wires. Once this problem is fixed, the cage can easily keep two chinchillas safe and happy.


  • Easy assembly
  • Solid construction
  • Five shelves and a hammock


  • Wire bottom of cage
  • Bedding spills out of tray

our #5 rated


Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage



Our Rating

Yet another cage by Prevue, this Hendryx Earthtone cage is another great option if a more compact cage is something that you’re looking for. The inside of this cage is entirely metal, from the wires to the platforms to the ramps, making sure that it can effectively stand up to the abuse that a chinchilla would put it through. The bars are very close together to prevent chewing and escape, and they’re quality enough to where they won’t break with normal wear and tear. Additionally, the bottom platform is quite spacious, giving you enough room to provide your chinchilla with all of the necessary amenities.

Chinchilla owners are overall very pleased with this cage. The size of the cage and the overall construction are very chinchilla-friendly and don’t leave much else to be desired. Additionally, assembly is very easy, and the quality is solid without being too heavy. It’s also quite easy to access the entirety of the cage to thoroughly clean it.

Once again, this cage has the problem of a wire bottom, and this issue will need to be remedied by covering it up. With this bottom floor issue also comes some difficulty with containing bedding within the cage. On top of this, a couple owners note that the cage is a bit noisy, and active chinchillas can create a bit of a ruckus.


  • Solid metal ramps and platforms
  • Escape-proof
  • Easy to clean


  • Wire bottom
  • Can be noisy

Our Choice

Every chinchilla cage that we reviewed would provide a chinchilla with a safe, healthy, and secure living space. Chinchillas are some of the largest rodents available as pets, so they have very different needs for their cages from a lot of other smaller rodents.After analyzing each cage carefully, we have determined that the best chinchilla cage is the Prevue Black Feisty Ferret Cage.Despite the fact that the cage was initially manufactured for ferrets, it meets all of the needs of even the most crafty chinchillas aside from the easily-fixable wired floor pan. This spacious, high-quality, affordable cage makes it a safe and smart investment for families of one or several chinchillas.

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