Spotnose Ball Python – Genetics, History, & Pictures

​The Spotnose ball python is a morph that’s quite similar in style to a typical ball python. While it isn’t necessarily a jaw-dropping morph, it is beloved by breeders and collectors alike. The subtle characteristics of this mutation are quite interesting, and they can be used to breed some great-looking offspring. It’s for this reason that the Spotnose ball python is widely utilized and appreciated by most snake enthusiasts.

History Of The Spotnose Ball Python​​

​The Spotnose was first proven dominant back in 2001 by VPI’s Dave and Tracy Barker. ​It was then proven to be co-dominant by the Barkers in 2005.​​​ When it first came a​round, it was admired for its similar style to a standard ball python, but with a few key differences in its appearance.

​The first Spotnose was given that name for the golden spot on the tip of its nose. As time has gone on, this spot has become less prevalent and even non-existent in some cases. However, some visual traits have persisted, and these have been used to create some amazing morphs throughout the years.

Spotnose Ball Python Genetics

​The Spotnose morph is a co-dominant trait​​​, making this mutation relatively simple to produce. This ease of breeding has made this snake quite accessible for breeders to create a variety of different offspring with.

The “het” or heterozygous appearance is the basic Spotnose, with the super appearance being the “Powerball” ball python. These two forms are quite similar in appearance, with the Spotnose being colored a bit lighter and having less of a prevalent head pattern.

Price Range Of Spotnose Ball Pythons​​​

​Spotnose ball pythons have never really fetched an exorbitant amount of money. They’re relatively common ​​​and are more-frequently used as ways to create more complex morphs than kept as pets themselves. This has resulted in standard Spotnose ball pythons selling between $100 and $200 regularly.

​Due to the Spotnose’s prevalence in breeding, though, you can find hints of it in some of the most beautiful morphs. These morphs will regularly sell for $300 up to $1000+.

Spotnose Morph Appearance​​

​The Spotnose ball python does not have an appearance that sets them far apart from other mutations. However, they do have some traits that make them attractive ​for creating unique morphs.

​The overall pattern of this morph is quite busy, making it distinct from a standard ball python when placed side-by-side. The color of this pattern is quite light, too, making it about a shade lighter than a standard ball python and making some colors really pop. It’s also a morph that’s recognizable by their crazy and unique head pattern.

While the Spotnose was originally named for​ the characteristic gold spot on its nose, that trait has slowly disappeared over the years. Now, you’ll commonly see Spotnose ball pythons without any nose spots.

Spotnose ball pythonSpotnose ball python

​Photo by dhopson7

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