What Eats Deer? Ultimate List of Deer Predators (10 Examples)

What eats deer

Deer aren’t commonly seen as animals that are very high up in the food chain. Instead, they’re seen as skittish, fragile creatures that have a lot of natural predators. This description isn’t very far off! The reason behind why deer are so alert and agile is because they have so many predators that actively hunt … Read more

What Eats Foxes? Ultimate List of Fox Predators (9 Examples)

what eats foxes

Foxes are commonly seen as very clever, mischievous, and adorable creatures — all correct observations. Despite their small size, foxes are surprisingly able to fend for themselves and thrive in many different environments. While it’s common to see foxes hunting a variety of other animals, it isn’t common to see other animals hunting foxes. So, … Read more

Are Groundhogs Nocturnal? Groundhog Sleep Schedule (Explained)

Are groundhogs nocturnal

Groundhogs are extremely common rodents that are found in North America (north-east and east) and most of Canada. While many people think they’re cute, an equal amount of people despise them. These creatures are considered pests by many due to their destructive actions and large appetites for crops. When do groundhogs do their damage, then? … Read more

Squirrel Lifespan: How Long Do Squirrels Live? (7 Examples)

squirrel lifespan

Squirrels are absolutely everywhere. Whether you love them or hate them, it’s likely that you see them as much or more than most other animals. Despite this, most people don’t know much about squirrels. If you were to ask several people how long they think a squirrel lives, you’ll likely get a variety of answers … Read more

How Much Does A Bear Weigh? (With 10 Examples)

Bear weight

​Everyone’s aware of the fact that bears are absolutely massive creatures. The sheer size and strength that they display is unparalleled by other animals. However, not many people know just how much some species of bears can weigh. There are a lot of factors that determine a bear’s weight, but the average weight for​ most … Read more