Gerbil vs. Hamster – Which Is The Right Pet For You?

Gerbil vs hamster

If you’re looking for a new small critter companion, there’s a good chance that both gerbils and hamsters have crossed your mind. To most people, there isn’t much difference between these two creatures! They’re both small, energetic, adorable, and so much fun to be around. But really, when looking at gerbils vs. hamsters, what sets … Read more

Gerbil Lifespan: How Long Do Gerbils Live?

Gerbil lifespan

​On average, gerbils tend to live between 2-4 years of age. However, this number can vary greatly depending on several different factors, such as ​breed, family history, and daily care that they’re given. As a gerbil owner, it makes sense that you’d want to know the lifespan of your pet. Being aware of the average … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Broccoli?

Can gerbils eat broccoli

​Broccoli is a vegetable that’s hated and loved by an equal amount of people around the world. Despite its controversy, there’s no denying its health benefits. Broccoli contains great amounts of vitamins K and C, folate, potassium, and fiber. It can also be prepared in several different ways, making it quite a diverse food. With … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Cucumber?

Can gerbils eat cucumber

​Cucumbers are some of the most interesting fruits out there. Their insides measure 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, they’re 96% water, and they can be turned into pickles! In addition to those points, cucumbers are high in magnesium, potassium, manganese, and vitamins C and K. With the great benefits that come from cucumbers, … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Blueberries?

Can gerbils eat blueberries

​Blueberries are one of those fruits that are able to be enjoyed year-round in so many different ways. This is a fruit that’s packed with nutrients such as potassium folate, fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. On top of this, they’re great antioxidants and taste phenomenal. With all of the benefits that come with blueberries, … Read more

Do Gerbils Bite? How To Keep Gerbils From Biting

Do gerbils bite?

​Gerbils are very small creatures that, frankly, don’t look very threatening at all. Their soft fur and big dark eyes make them seem like a little critter that simply cause any harm. For the most part, that observation is correct! However, you’re likely to hear about some owners getting bitten by their gerbils. This can … Read more

Best Gerbil Food For Taste & Nutrition

Best gerbil food

​Gerbils are tiny creatures that are capable of providing such large amounts of entertainment and enjoyment in your life. Because of the joy that they bring, it makes sense that you’d want to provide your gerbil with the best life possible and ensure their well-being. One of the most influential aspects in a gerbil’s health … Read more

How Much Does A Gerbil Cost? (2023 Cost Breakdown)

How much does a gerbil cost

A gerbil is an adorable little pet that many people see as their gateway to being a pet owner. They’re small, energetic, and super fun to watch, making them a great option for a pet! However, there are quite a few questions and uncertainties regarding gerbil ownership that tend to come up. One of the … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Bananas?

Can gerbils eat bananas

The banana is a wonderfully-healthy fruit that delivers a lot of energy through its natural sugars and fiber. Additionally, it’s an excellent source of carbohydrates, iron, phosphorous, and other essential vitamins and minerals. With all of the excellent health benefits that come with bananas, you may be wondering: Can gerbils eat bananas? Yes, ​gerbils can … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Apples?

Can gerbils eat apples

The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has helped to immortalize apples as an essential fruit. Apples are excellent sources of dietary fiber, antioxidants, flavanoids, and a bunch of other vitamins and minerals. Additionally, in humans, they help to reduce the risk of stroke, prevent dementia, and even ward off breast cancer. … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Carrots?

Can gerbils eat carrots

Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables in people’s diets, and it’s clear why that is. This vegetable contains some excellent vitamins and minerals such as fiber, beta-carotene, carotenoid, vitamin A, and potassium. On top of this, they’re quite tasty and can be eaten many different ways. So, with all of the benefits that … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Lettuce?

Can gerbils eat lettuce

Lettuce is a very prominent staple in the diets of many different kinds of people! This diverse vegetable is absolutely packed with nutrients, so it’s clear why it’s such a popular choice. Romaine lettuce contains fiber, manganese, potassium, iron, biotin, copper, and vitamins B1 and C. With all of the health benefits that come with … Read more