7 Essential RV Supplies For Dog Owners

Whether you’re living in your RV or just taking it out for a weekend trip, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to bring your dog along with you. As a dog lover, it makes sense that you’d be fantasizing about hitting the open road and exploring the wonders of nature with your best friend … Read more

21 Facts About Shelter Dogs – Why Adopt a Shelter Dog?

Shelter dog behind fence

At Beyond The Treat, we are dedicated to ensuring the welfare of all animals by providing owners with the most accurate and helpful information. One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is actually how you get the dog in the first place. Adopting a shelter dog is easily the best way that you … Read more

Hiking With Small Dogs [How-To & Health Benefits]

Hiking with small dogs

Small dogs are the bearer of quite a few misconceptions. Many people view small dogs as little pets that only experience the outdoors from within a stroller or handbag. Fortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. If you love to adventure outside and go on hikes, hiking with your small dog is a great way to … Read more

Best Dog Ball Launchers For Endless Hands-Free Fun

Best dog ball launcher

Dogs are extremely energetic and active creatures, and this means that playtime is one of the most important parts of their day. Playtime is most commonly defined by playing fetch with their owners, and its popularity isn’t hard to understand. Fetch helps to promote better health of your pup through engaging exercise, and it also … Read more

Best Canned Dog Foods For Taste & Nutrition

Best canned dog food

When you think of dog food, there’s a good chance that you’re picturing round, dry kibble in a bowl. However, there’s another option for dogs in the form of canned, or “wet”, dog food. This food is specifically crafted to mimic the diet that dogs ate in the wild and fulfill their nutritional needs. Unfortunately, … Read more

Best Dog Clippers For Easy Hair Trimming

Best Dog Clippers

As humans, we spend a lot of time and money making sure that our hair is kept snazzy and stylish. We can spend just as much, if not more time and money keeping our dogs’ fur well-kept. It’s for this reason that many dog owners dream about being able to groom their own dogs to … Read more

Best Dog Life Jacket For Safety & Effectiveness

Best dog life jacket

Taking your dog everywhere that you go is something that every dog owner wants to do. Dog parks, hiking trails, and your own backyard are some of the most common places to bring a dog… but let’s not forget about lakes and beaches! Dogs absolutely love the freedom that comes with a trip to a … Read more

Best Dog Nail Grinders For Comfort & Effectiveness

It’s almost never a fun experience to trim your dog’s nails. The process involved lots of squirming, fidgeting, and sometimes even little yelps that make your heart skip a beat. Lots of dog owners that use nail clippers for their dogs experience these problems every single time, but there’s a good chance that they haven’t … Read more