Can Peacocks Fly? How Do They Do It? (With Videos)

Can peacocks fly

Peacocks are the pinnacle of beauty in the avian world. These stunning creatures have developed appearances that make people stop and marvel at them for a bit. While many people have seen peacocks at some point, almost nobody actually sees them fly — they’re always walking around. Although they’re birds and have sizeable wings, are … Read more

Swan Lifespan: How Long Do Swans Live? (5 Examples)

Swan lifespan

Sacred to Apollo, god of the sun, swans are often used to symbolize divinity and purity. Other than their romantic relationships, these birds are well-known for their gracefulness and longevity. Having said that, how long can swans live? In this article, we’re going to tackle this subject alongside a few other points, so stay tuned … Read more

What Is A Baby Swan Called? + Facts & Pictures

baby swan

With swans being such beautiful and elegant creatures, it’s no surprise that baby swans start out incredibly cute. In addition to the fact that baby swans are adorable, they’re also incredibly interesting to learn about and observe. Specifically, their upbringing and the way that their parents raise them is phenomenal and uncommon in the animal … Read more

How Much Does A Cockatoo Cost? (2023 Cost Breakdown)

How much does a cockatoo cost

If you’re thinking about bringing a bird into your house, look no further than a cockatoo! These birds are extremely loving, social, loyal, hilarious, and shockingly smart. If cared for properly, cockatoos generally have no problem living between 50 and 80 years! Potential cockatoo owners naturally have a lot of questions before investing in this … Read more

Best Bird Feeders To Spice Up Your Yard

Best Bird Feeders

Every animal deserves a high quality, easily accessible diet. This diet will allow them to grow to be healthy and strong and keep living a high quality life. Of course our pets receive this high-quality diet, but what about the animals in nature around us? Even the birds flying over our heads and living in … Read more