Best Rabbit Treats For A Healthy Bunny Reward

Much like most other animals, rabbits absolutely love to eat. During the day, they’ll constantly eat, poop, and eat some more, going through quite a lot of food. Eating the same food every single day can get a bit boring, though, so feeding your rabbit the occasional treat is a great way to diversify their diet. However, there are a few precautions every rabbit owner needs to take regarding treats.

It’s important that you never overfeed your rabbits, and ensure that their diet remains healthy and complete through all the treats. Because of the fact that treats can be a staple of a rabbit’s diet, you should only be feeding them the best rabbit treats available.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best rabbit treat options, in addition to a handy buyer’s guide so that you can better understand your rabbit’s dietary needs.




EmoursNatural Bamboo Treat Teeth Chews

An unorthodox bamboo treat that’s 100% natural, irresistible to rabbits, and has great nutritional value.

OxbowSimple Rewards Veggie Treats

Freeze-dried herbs that are lacking fillers and added sugars but are a great natural source of vitamin B6 and potassium.

VitakraftNibble Rings

Made from natural grain and hay, these crunchy treats are tasty, healthy, and a great addition to a standard diet.

Small Pet SelectNatural Herbal Treats

All natural herbs and flowers that lack any fillers and promote healthy organs and heart health.

OxbowNatural Science Digestive Supplement

Treats that focus on the health of your rabbit through excellent digestive support and natural ingredients.

How To Feed Your Rabbit Properly

Although treats make for a great snack that every rabbit is going to be excitedly hopping for, they definitely shouldn’t make up the majority of your rabbit’s diet. Let’s take a minute and discuss what a rabbit’s diet should be looking like throughout the day.

Hay makes up the majority of a rabbit’s diet. You’ll want to give your rabbit a constant supply of high-quality hay to constantly be chewing on, and supplementing the rest of their diet with some greens and a quality rabbit pellet. These are the staple parts of a healthy rabbit diet.

As far as portion sizes go, there aren’t many specific guidelines to follow due to a lack of research. This means that it helps to know your rabbit and understand when they’re hungry or full. In general, rabbits don’t need a lot of food and energy due to the fact that they’re pretty inactive creatures.

Through this diet, your rabbit will get all of the minerals, vitamins, fiber, and protein that they need. However, giving them the occasional treat is a great way to increase their happiness! Treats will help you bond with your bunny, and it will also give them new nutrients, flavors, and textures that they don’t get in their regular diet.

Treats can range anywhere from different kinds of hay to dark lettuce to specialized rabbit treats — it all comes down to what you want to feed your rabbit and what your rabbit wants to eat.

Benefits Of Giving Rabbits Treats

First and foremost, treats act as a form of enrichment and pleasure for your rabbits. They add a variety to the mundane diets that most rabbits have and help to keep things nice and interesting.

Giving your rabbit treats is also a great way to form a bond with them. Many owners opt to use treats as a way to get rabbits to respond to their name. Simply call your rabbit’s name and give them a treat when they approach you. Over time, your rabbit will start to make the connection and regularly come to you when called.

They can also contribute to a fun and interactive play time. Hiding treats around their play room is a great way to get them thinking critically and exercising a bit more. Plus, who doesn’t love to watch their bunny run around frantically looking for a tiny treat?

On top of all of this, treats can be quite healthy! There are many different kinds of treats available, with many different nutritional contents. These can be used to round out your rabbit’s diet if you notice that they’re a bit deficient in some areas. There are treats with focuses on protein, fiber, and even vitamin C.

What Can And Can’t I Feed My Rabbit?

Aside from the treats listed in this post, many rabbit treats can be grown right in your garden. You may even have suitable rabbit treats sitting around your home! Below is a list of what’s good for rabbits, followed by what should be avoided:

What Can Rabbits Eat?

  • Vegetables – Vegetables are a very tasty treat for rabbits. Vegetables such as peas, pumpkin, spring greens, cauliflower, celery leaves, artichoke leaves, peppers, romaine lettuce, and squash are excellent snacks. Carrot, spinach, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, beetroot, and broccoli make for great occasional snacks.
  • Fruits – Fruits also make for great treats, but must be kept to a minimum due to their high sugar content. Grapes, apricots, melon, pears, plums, blackberries, bananas, kiwi, pineapples, and strawberries are common treats.
  • Plants and herbs – Rosemary, oregano, thyme, dill, mint, and sage are all considered safe for rabbits and are generally enjoyed by rabbits. Clover and dandelion leaves also make for a nice snack.

What Can’t Rabbits Eat?

  • Bread, cookies, pasta, etc. – Any foods like this that are high in carbs and sugar may be tasty to rabbits, but should never be fed as they can cause upset stomachs.
  • Avocados – While they may seem like they fit right in with all of the fruits and vegetables that rabbits can eat, avocados are terribly high in fat and can be potentially deadly for rabbits.
  • Iceberg lettuce – Although it seems like an average snack, iceberg lettuce contains lactucarium, which is a chemical that’s dangerous to rabbits. On top of this, iceberg lettuce is mostly water, so it has virtually no nutritional content.
  • Cauliflower – Cauliflower commonly makes rabbits gassy and generally uncomfortable.
  • Peanut butter – Similar to avocados, peanut butter is very high in fat and, while it may be eaten quickly by a rabbit, can easily cause a stomach ache.
  • Meat – A rather obvious one, but one worth saying. Even a tiny scrap of meat can cause major intestinal distress due to the sensitive herbivorous digestive system that rabbits have.

What Define The Best Rabbit Treats?

Not all rabbit treats are created equal. Even though a treat may be available and marketed towards rabbits, it doesn’t mean that it’s a healthy or safe choice. Many manufacturers don’t do proper research into what rabbits should and shouldn’t eat, resulting in a plethora of unsafe treats. The best treats follow the guidelines below:

  • Nutrition – The nutritional content of a rabbit treat is one of the most important aspects that needs to be considered. There are quite a few treats available that have terrible nutritional content and are basically empty calories. This can result in hungry, fat rabbits, and that’s not something that most owners want. Ensure that the treats are high in protein with little fiber and fat content.
  • Brand – While brand isn’t everything, it definitely is something that should be considered. Cheaper treats made by an unknown brand is usually cheaper because of its lack of quality, healthy ingredients but presence of fillers. Reputable, established brands have a lot more to lose if their treats are discovered to be harmful.
  • Flavor – Rabbits have a healthy amount of taste buds, meaning that they can tell when a treat is sweet, salty, sour, or bitter. Therefore, it’s important to read reviews from other rabbit owners and see how their rabbits responded to the treat.
  • Form – The form of a rabbit’s treat is another important aspect. Rabbits need a good amount of hard food in order to keep their constantly growing teeth the right length and their jaws healthy. If your rabbit is eating a lot of soft food throughout the day, hard treats can be a nice way to mix up textures and promote dental health.
  • Life stage – The age of your rabbit is something else that contributes to their diet. Growing rabbits require more protein and calories in general since they’re still growing. Adult rabbits spend a lot less energy to go about their day, so they require slightly less hardy food. Therefore, young rabbits may need more nutrient-dense treats.

What Are The Best Rabbit Treats?

Finding the rabbit treats that can keep your rabbits happy while providing them with the proper nutrients to live a healthy life is very important. You want to ensure that you have a treat that’s high in protein and low in fillers. To make it easy for you, we’ve reviewed the 5 best rabbit treats available on the market today.

Remember that treats should be given very sparingly. You may choose a very healthy treat that lacks filler, but a rabbit’s diet should still be about 80% hay. Deviation from this percentage could result in serious intestinal problems due to a rabbit’s delicate digestive system.

our #1 rated



Natural Bamboo Treat Teeth Chews



Our Rating

This is a bit of an unorthodox treat, but a fantastic one nonetheless. Emours has created these high quality natural bamboo treats that rabbits absolutely love. The sweetness comes from xylose, which is a natural sugar isolated from wood, and the overall stick has great nutritional value. An excellent aspect of these treats is that they work to keep your rabbit’s dental health in check. The hard bamboo grinds down a rabbit’s constantly growing teeth, and it also helps to promote jaw health. Finally, the size of these sticks are perfect, ensuring that one bamboo stick more than satisfies a rabbit for the day without filling them up with unhealthy ingredients.

Rabbit owners say that their bunnies absolutely love these treats. Although they’re very natural, the taste is apparently fantastic, meaning that rabbits are always willing to have a treat. Owners also point out that they are very hard, which is excellent for a rabbit’s teeth. The size of the sticks is also consistent, meaning that you don’t have to search to find an appropriately-sized piece.

These treats aren’t as popular as some of the other treats in this list, but there’s a total lack of complaints about the treats themselves. Rabbits seem to love them and the quality is very consistent. The only thing is that they come from a relatively unknown company, but that doesn’t appear to impact the quality of these treats.


  • Excellent value
  • Great nutritional content
  • Rabbits love the taste


  • Relatively unknown company

our #2 rated


Simple Rewards Veggie Treats



Our Rating

Oxbow is a leading company in the pet food space with a large catalog of high-quality products. These Simple Rewards Veggie Treats are no exception to that great quality. Made from only a few pure ingredients, these treats are a very healthy and natural way to diversify your rabbit’s diet and give them something different to snack on. Unlike a lot of treats on the market, these come with no added sugar and are instead made from 100% freeze dried herbs. They’re also a great natural source of vitamin B6 and potassium while tasting great.

An overwhelming majority of rabbit owners say that their rabbits love these treats. The taste must be phenomenal, as rabbits tend to go crazy when they hear the crinkle of the bag. On top of the great taste, owners love the ingredients of these treats, with the first three ingredients being timothy meal, pearled barley, and oat groats.

Most rabbits absolutely love these treats, but a very small handful don’t seem to like them. Of course, all rabbits are different, so it’s not too surprising that some rabbits don’t enjoy them. However, based off of the reviews, your rabbit has a very good chance of enjoying these treats.


  • Tasty, natural ingredients
  • Nutrient rich
  • No added fillers / sugar


  • A few rabbits don’t enjoy them

our #3 rated


Nibble Rings



Our Rating

These Nibble Rings by Vitakraft are one of the only treats that are available in commercial pet stores yet remain healthy for rabbits to eat. With some of the main ingredients being grain and wheat, it’s a natural treat that’s free of most of the common fillers found in other rabbit treats. While the treats are healthy and lacking in fillers, they’re still very tasty to rabbits. The texture is also fantastic, as they’re crunchy thus great for a rabbit’s dental health. There are also a lot of treats present in the bag for the value, which is a big plus if you love giving your rabbits treats.

These Nibble Rings are a hit among rabbits. Even though there’s no added fillers or sugars, rabbits go crazy for these treats and eagerly wait for them when the bag is brought out. The ingredients present in these treats are also a big hit, with owners loving the presence of natural grain and hay.

The main downside of these treats is in the first ingredient, which is corn. This isn’t inherently harmful, but it is a bit more of a filler food, making these treats not the most healthy option. However, when only given once or twice daily as a dietary supplement, the presence of corn isn’t a problem at all.


  • Lack of many fillers and sugars
  • Perfect size and texture
  • Many treats in the bag


  • First ingredient is corn so it isn’t the most healthy

our #4 rated

Small Pet Select

Natural Herbal Treats



Our Rating

If it’s in your best interest to take more of a natural approach with the treats you’re giving your rabbit, these Natural Herbal Treats from Small Pet Select may be an excellent choice. These treats are vitamin and nutrient-packed with digestive support, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer support, and even good amounts of fiber. This helps contribute to a healthy digestive tract, strong kidney and liver, and good circulation. The mix of organic herbs and flowers is absolutely lacking in fillers and closely matches the natural diet of a rabbit.

Much like the other treats in this list, this treat is loved by all kinds of rabbits. Even though this treat is a blend of herbs, rabbits seem to respond better to it than sugary yogurt drops or processed treats. Due to the fact that it’s very healthy, owners absolutely love to find ways to mix it into their daily routine, hiding it in hay or just sprinkling it around and letting their bunnies gobble it up.

There is a nice lack of flaws with these treats, with only a handful of rabbits not going absolutely crazy when the bag is brought out. One thing that a couple of owners noted is that the treats can be a bit dusty, which makes it difficult to eat at times.


  • Natural blend of herbs and flowers
  • Promotes healthy organs
  • Zero fillers and add-ons.


  • Can be a bit dusty
  • Some picky rabbits don’t like it

our #5 rated


Natural Science Digestive Supplement



Our Rating

Oxbow is in our list of the best rabbit treats again with this excellent digestive supplement. This treat was created with the intention of being a way to round out a rabbit’s diet, more so than the other treats in this list. The chamomile in the treats works to act as an anti-inflammatory agent and immune stimulant whenever a rabbit is having intestinal problems. Other ingredients work to bring benefits to your rabbit, such as chicory root supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract and ginger supporting gastric motility. Overall, these treats have quite a bit of function behind their great taste.

Rabbit owners love the fact that these treats bring so many benefits while being easy to eat. Rabbits always seem eager to eat these treats, and owners notice clear benefits when they’re eaten. In fact, a couple of owners noted that they gave these treats to their rabbits that were exhibiting signs of intestinal distress and within an hour were back to being playful.

Most rabbits love these treats and get several benefits from them, but other rabbits don’t. A handful of owners note that their rabbits aren’t very enthusiastic about these treats, and others state that they haven’t noticed any health benefits. This most likely comes down to the fact that all rabbits are different and respond differently to food.


  • Natural helpful ingredients
  • Taste great despite focus on functionality
  • Helps remedy intestinal distress


  • Some rabbits don’t like them
  • Other rabbits don’t see benefits

Our Choice

All of the treats that we have reviewed are more than suitable for rabbits and have a great nutritional content to round out your rabbit’s diet. When used as a supplement to large amounts of quality hay, fruits, vegetables, and pellets, treats are an excellent way to round out a rabbit’s diet.After analyzing all of the rabbit treats available on the market, we’ve determined that the best rabbit treats are Oxbow Simple Rewards Veggie Treats.Oxbow has been an excellent manufacturer of small pet food for years and years, and it really shows in these treats. The nutritional content of these treats, in addition to the great texture and flavors, makes them a delicious staple of a healthy bunny diet.

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