Best Rabbit Cages For Comfort & Safety

If you’re a rabbit owner, there’s a good chance that you’ll want your rabbit around you constantly. Rabbits have such a big personality in a small package and make great companions, so it makes sense that you’d want to keep them around!

However, rabbits need a place to stay when they’re not being social that’s secure, spacious, and clean. The quality of a rabbit’s environment is a huge player in their overall health and happiness, and a cage of high quality is a massive contributor to their well-being. While it may be intimidating to know that a cage is so important, we’ve made it easy to find one for your rabbit. We’ve compiled a list of the best rabbit cages as well as a comprehensive buying guide to understand what your rabbit needs.




​AmazonBasics​Pet Habitat

Easily one of the best values for a cage, this habitat comes in a large size with easy cage access and added accessories.

Living World​Deluxe Habitat

An excellent home for messy rabbits that’s large in size with large top doors and a deep base pan for containing bedding.

MidWestWabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home

Another large cage that has a deep base pan, added accessories, and can also be customized with extensions.

Ferplast​Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage

Excellent for rabbits that love privacy with its spacious, easy to access hutch and a large side door for cleaning and getting in and out.

Ware​Mobile Rabbit Home

A nice, mobile cage that has an easy-to-change base, overall solid construction, and an elevated platform and ramp.

Does My Rabbit Need A Cage?

In short, no your rabbit does not need a cage. However, an untrained or mischievous rabbit should be kept in a cage that acts as a home base whenever you’re not home to supervise or are sleeping. Until a rabbit is fully trained and doesn’t cause harm to its surroundings or itself, you should have a cage that fully meets a rabbit’s living requirements.If you are supplying your rabbit with a cage, you should remember that rabbits are crepuscular, meaning they sleep during the day and night but are active during dawn and twilight. So, when you’re getting ready in the morning and preparing for bed at night, you should let your rabbits out of the cage to play and be social.However, once your rabbit is familiar with your home, knows what to do and what not to do, and once your house is rabbit-proofed, your rabbit should be able to roam about your home freely.

Benefits Of An Indoor Rabbit Cage

While outdoor hutches for rabbits have many benefits, indoor cages also come with their own set of benefits for both the owner and the rabbit.

  • Better security and care – When rabbits are kept outdoors, they’re partially exposed to both the weather and to predators. Indoor rabbits are kept away from those dangerous things, and are instead constantly in the presence of you and your family – familiar faces. In addition to this, you’ll be able to more readily monitor your rabbit, and this will allow you to make sure that your rabbit is always happy and healthy.
  • Socialization – As stated, when a rabbit is kept indoors, you’ll have a lot more interaction with it. This will give your rabbit some healthy socialization and will allow you to better understand your rabbit due to them constantly being around you.
  • Durability – With clippers, nails are pinched and can crack or split. Grinders gradually grind away at the nail, usually providing a finished product that’s a lot smoother, rounded, and cleaner than you would achieve with clippers.

What Defines The Best Rabbit Cages?

As stated, all rabbit cages aren’t created equal. While every cage needs to meet certain standards, not all of them do. So, below we’ve listed out the key traits that all of the best rabbit cages have so that you know what to look for when buying one:

  • Correct sizing – The size of a rabbit cage is the most important aspect, as cages that are too small will restrict your rabbit’s movement and keep them from being able to comfortably live. You generally want about 8 square feet or more of floor space in a cage, or 4 times the size of your rabbit when it’s spread out on the ground. Two rabbits will require about 12 square feet. It’s always safer to get a larger cage than a smaller cage as rabbits can never really have too much space.
  • Comfortable – A rabbit’s cage should also be comfortable, since it will primarily act as a place to unwind and sleep. The size of a cage greatly contributes to the comfort, but there are some other aspects. The flooring must be solid, not wired, as wired floors hurt a rabbit’s feet. Waste management should be taken into account, as you’ll want to maintain a consistently clean cage. Finally, your cage should either have a shelter or you should be able to add a shelter easily, as it’s a place where rabbits can feel secure.
  • Safe – A safe rabbit cage will bring you peace of mind that your rabbit won’t accidentally hurt themselves when you’re not looking. Safe rabbit cages have secure door latches and locks, few places that can be chewed and consumed, and don’t have high places for a rabbit to fall from.
  • checkEasy to clean – While rabbits are very messy, you should try and keep their cage as clean as possible. A cage that is easy to clean makes this process a lot easier. Find a cage that has easy access to their litter, food, and bedding. With an accessible, easy to clean cage, it will be a lot easier to provide your rabbit with a clean environment that promotes good health and overall happiness.

Common Rabbit Cage Problems

Hopefully with this guide we have made it clear what kind of cage you need to get for your rabbit and what to look for in that cage. However, there are some frequent problems that people run into when buying a rabbit cage. Here are some common problems and how to avoid running into them:

  • Low quality – Frequently, especially in cheaper cages, you’ll find that quality is not very good. Many sellers know that there are a lot of new rabbit owners that don’t know anything about cages and will buy the first one that they’re presented. These cages frequently break and aren’t big enough to comfortably house a rabbit. Make sure that you’re buying a cage that has plenty of solid reviews from an established manufacturer.
  • Too expensive – On the opposite end of the spectrum, some cages are simply too expensive for what they are. This problem isn’t as common as the low quality problem, largely because manufacturers need to keep prices low to compete with competition, but it’s still there. A way to combat this is to get a cage from a high-volume supplier like Amazon, instead of a small pet store that puts large markups on products.
  • Not rabbit optimized – Sometimes, cages will be created for a wide variety of pets and don’t have in mind a rabbit’s specific needs. This often results in cages being marketed for rabbits that are too small and/or have a harmful wire floor. To avoid this problem, simply look at the features of the cage and don’t go based off of the fact it’s being sold as a rabbit cage.

What Are The Best Rabbit Cages?

While it can be a bit overwhelming to learn about the needs of your rabbit and then try and find a cage that meets those needs, it’s not a very complicated process when making sure that a cage aligns with the checklist given above. By going off of that checklist, we’ve found five of the best rabbit cages available that would provide your rabbit with a fantastic home.

Remember, a higher quantity of rabbits would require a larger cage, so take that into account when choosing a cage.

our #1 rated



Pet Habitat



Our Rating

While this cage is made by Amazon themselves, it’s surprisingly one of the best cages available, especially at its price point. This cage measures right about 4’x2′, which is excellent for even a large rabbit to roam about and live in. The iron upper frame is attached to a solid and safe plastic base and has two large doors for easy access throughout the entire cage. A balcony is included with this cage to add some diversity and added space to it, with the space under the balcony acting as a hide-away space to give your rabbit privacy. Additionally, this cage comes with a water bottle, hay guard, and tip-proof food dish to make it an all-in-one solution. A rabbit’s specific needs were definitely considered when this cage was created.Rabbit owners that keep their rabbits in this cage have great things to say about it. The size of the cage is definitely appreciated, as most other cages at this price point don’t provide nearly as much space. Owners note that this cage was easy to assemble and the large doors make accessing the cage simple. Additionally, the added accessories are high quality and do their job well.No glaring problems exist with this cage, with the most prominent complaint of customers being that it’s a pretty bulky cage. However, this is to be expected from its large size and solid quality. Other than this, it’s a consistently good home to many rabbits around the world.


  • Great quality/size for the price
  • Added accessories
  • Easy access with two doors


  • Slightly bulky

our #2 rated

Living World

Deluxe Habitat



Our Rating

Living World’s Deluxe Habitat easily provides a pet rabbit with everything that they need to be happy and healthy. The deep plastic base combined with the solid upper wire frame makes the cage neat, safe, and secure for your bunny. Additionally, this rabbit cage includes a balcony and private space underneath it, giving it some much-needed diversity and security. Accessibility is a key point of this cage, too, with massive doors on the top of the cage and one on the side. A food dish, water bottle, and hay guard are also included with this cage, making it an all-in-one investment like the AmazonBasics cage.Owners of this cage most commonly note how large the cage is, stating that large rabbits would have more than enough space even with a litter box and various other accessories in the cage. Despite the large size, it is easy to put together and decently light in weight which makes it easy to transport. The height of the cage is great, too, allowing bunnies to stand upright and look around without being cramped.Some owners note that the added platform is slightly flimsy, and rambunctious rabbits may have a chance at damaging it. Additionally, the added water bottle sometimes doesn’t work properly. Despite this, the cage itself is very solid and would make for a great home for your bunny.


  • Very large
  • Deep bottom pan
  • Added accessories


  • Platform slightly flimsy

our #3 rated


Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home



Our Rating

The Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home by MidWest brings a lot of the same features as the Living World cage above. This roughly 4’x2′ cage features a secure metal cage and deep plastic base for comfort and containment of rabbits and the messes they make. An elevated feeding area and private space under the ledge makes this cage diverse and keeps it interesting for rabbits. In addition to the added hay feeder, water bottle, and water bowl, this cage has 3 massive doors that allow for easy access to the entirety of the cage. This is very helpful for such a big cage to ensure its cleanliness. Finally, MidWest has created several attachments for this cage such as a hutch and flat expansion, so the possibility of customization is great.Owners of this cage love how spacious it is, noting that it provides more than enough space for their rabbit. The cage is easy to assemble and move around despite its size, and the overall construction of it feels very safe and secure. Many customers mention how much they love the accessibility of the cage, as it makes cleaning the cage much easier.Some owners note that the cage is slightly flimsy, with the top of the cage not being able to hold much weight and the doors not being the best quality. For the price, though, most customers feel that the pros definitely outweigh the slight cons.


  • Possibility for extensions
  • Added accessories
  • Many doors for accessibility


  • Flimsiness of metal cage
  • Slightly difficult build

our #4 rated


Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage



Our Rating

This rabbit cage by Ferplast is yet another strong contender in the collection of best rabbit cages. Providing a spacious living area, this cage is about 4.5’x2′, making it a great space for even a large rabbit. Not only is the living space large, but it’s also diverse. A feeding platform with private area underneath is included in addition to an attached private hutch with hinged roof for accessibility. The diversity that this cage provides without sacrificing space is excellent, and the high walls keep rabbits and their mess well-contained.Owners of this cage say that it’s an excellent starter cage, pointing out that it’s a great size for a single rabbit and provides an interesting living experience. The attached hutch seems to big a big hit among rabbits, and the large side door is great for owners to leave open to give their rabbits free access to come and go. Additionally, since the feeding ledge is detachable, some owners opted to remove it and place a litter box in the space along with a heavy feeding bowl.If an owner has a complaint about the cage, it seems to be in the quality of it. Some owners point out that the top metal cage is slightly flimsy and a bit hard to secure to the bottom pan. This problem is easy to fix with zip ties or bungee cables. The fact that there is only one large door can also make cleaning a little difficult, as opening it almost guarantees a rabbit will attempt to hop out.


  • Added private extension
  • Large side door
  • Diverse living space


  • Cage bars hard to secure
  • Door isn’t very secure

our #5 rated


Mobile Rabbit Home



Our Rating

The Mobile Rabbit Home by Ware may be the last in the list, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a great home. It’s up against some tough competition! This cage is spacious, easy to assemble, and made of strong and secure wire. Overall, the build quality is very solid, with even the doors requiring two fingers to open. The base of the cage is covered in a grate that can either be left on or removed if your rabbits use a litter box. Additionally, the cage sits on four maneuverable wheels which make it easy to wheel around the house so that you can always be with your bunny.It’s frequently noted by owners that the cage is easy to assemble and feels very solid in build quality. The owners that opted to keep the mesh flooring noticed that the grating is close enough together to where it doesn’t hurt a rabbit’s feet, and the wheels make the cage mobile yet secure when locked.A few owners say that the cage should only be used by rabbits under 5 pounds, as the included feeding shelf is slightly flimsy. Additionally, the bottom tray is difficult to clean, meaning that rabbits cannot be in the cage when it is being cleaned. This problem isn’t too much of a problem when a rabbit is litter trained.


  • Safe and secure build
  • Versatile flooring
  • Very mobile


  • Hard to clean bottom tray
  • Not great for big rabbits

Our Choice

While rabbits are generally happy, engaging, social pets, these characteristics can be negatively influenced if they don’t have a good home to live in. If your rabbit isn’t properly trained, or if you just want to keep them secure when you can’t supervise, then you will likely want to keep them in a cage. Even if your rabbit isn’t in a cage for very long, choosing the correct one will ensure their physical needs are met and they’re happy and healthy even when they’re relaxing.

So, after carefully reviewing all of the rabbit cages available, we’ve determined that the best rabbit cage is the AmazonBasics Pet Habitat.

Not only is this cage a great value for the money, but it is large enough for even the largest rabbits, built to be safe and secure, and comes with a variety of different accessories to ensure a healthy life for your rabbit. While this cage is the best of the best, any of the cages we’ve presented in this post would make an excellent home for your bunny. Make sure that you read our guide thoroughly so that you can ensure you’re meeting your rabbit’s needs with your cage selection.

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