51 Axolotl Breeders Near You with Axolotls for Sale (2022)

Axolotl Breeders

It’s safe to say that axolotl are some of the strangest pets that you can purchase. Over the past few years, they’ve become quite popular and well-known, but they’re still considered an obscure pet.

These creatures are relatively affordable to own, need to be kept in groups of at least 2 to prevent them from getting lonely, and come in a variety of different colors/types.

They are not beginner pets, though, and should only be purchased by people that have done extensive research and preparation on proper care.

“Great…” you may say, “… but where do I buy an axolotl?” The answer to that is simple: A local axolotl breeder!

Local Axolotl Breeders By State

If you’re looking to buy an axolotl, local breeders are your best bet. Many local breeders tend to be well-run and provide better care to their axolotls than large breeders (but please research breeders before purchasing).

Not only that, but if a breeder is local, you can simply go pick up your axolotl instead of having them shipped (which is riskier and more stressful for the axolotl).

However, it’s very possible to ship an axolotl safely, and it’s a good choice if there’s no local breeders near you. To help you find a breeder easier, we’ve marked axolotl breeders that primarily operate in a state, but also ship, with a 📦.
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Alabama Axolotl



Alaskan Axolotls


Northern Axolotls



A Lotl Lotls


Custom Creatures Pet Shop






Axolotls are illegal to own in California.



3Oh3 Axolotls


Rocky Mountain Axolotls



Angelina’s Axolotls


New England Axolotls






Alotl Dreams


Love A-Lotls


West Florida Axolotls and Exotics









Alotl Dragons


Awesome Axolotls


Lovely Axolotls



Axolutely Adorable Axolotls


MOD Aquatics



Strohl’s Herpitles



Des Moines Axolotls and More



Kansas Axolotls



Louisville Axolotls



Southern la Axolotls



Axolotls are illegal to own in Maine.






Lizzy’s Lotls






Twin Cities Axolotls



The Pet Palace

  • 📍 Location: Hattiesburg, MS
  • 📸 Social: Facebook
  • ☎️ Contact: (601) 261-1122












Western Axolotl


New Hampshire

Gillywater Aquatics & Exotics


New Jersey

Axolotls are illegal to own in New Jersey.


New Mexico



New York

East Coast Axolotl


The Axolotl Lady


North Carolina

Carolina Axolotls


North Dakota




Hog and Lotl Breeders


Midwest Axolotl



Okie Axies



Livin’ a Lotl Dream


Oregon Axolotls


Siserah’s Aquatic Escape



KBs’ Axolotls


Tina’s Happy Axolotls


Rhode Island



South Carolina



South Dakota




Middle Tennessee Axolotls

  • 📍 Location: Columbia, TN
  • 📸 Social: Facebook



Cowtown Axolotls


Happy Hart Axolotls












Emerald City Axolotls


West Virginia

Lots&Lots of Lotls


Nina’s Axolotl Nursery



Eve’s Exotic Aquatics

  • 📍 Location: Wind Point, WI
  • 📸 Social: Facebook





American Axolotl Breeders That Ship

As stated before, it’s usually the best option to get your axolotl from a local breeder that you can meet up with. However, there are some great breeders that ship their axolotls throughout the United States!

Axolotl breeders that ship and offer live arrival guarantees are used by thousands of axolotl owners yearly. Below, we’ve listed out some of the best, with some breeders operating for over 20 years!

Axolotl Planet
Owned and operated by biologists, hobbyists, and breeders, Axolotl Planet’s 10-person team is dedicated to improving industry standards and breeding healthy axolotls. They are partnered with many respected aquatics brands such as Texas Discovery Gardens and Axolotl Ranch. They are currently the world’s largest breeder of the axolotl.

Based out of the heart of Colorado, Fantaxies began over 20 years ago. They claim to raise their axolotls with the upmost care, with lots of room to swim and interact with an exciting environment. Fantaxies values traits such as long-term health, well-formed gills, good coloration and hearty appetites!

The Clutch Axolotls
Though they are a smaller operation, The Clutch puts in all the work of caring for and breeding axolotls. They promise to maintain the best possible care from the moment the eggs hatch, until they are in the mail, on the way to your door.

The Mottled Lotl
The Mottled Lotl is made up of a team of professional axolotl breeders, so you can be sure your new family member is coming from good hands. Not only do they offer axolotls, they also sell everything you need to properly care for them.

Lost on a Mountain
This American breeder is a scientist, long-time aquarist, and former dog breeder. They have been keeping aquatics for the past 15 years, and are dedicated to producing healthy, happy axolotl babies.


Benefits Of Purchasing Axolotls From Breeders

If you’re looking to bring home a pet axolotl, turning to a breeder may be your best option for several reasons.

  1. There are many types of axolotls – Getting an axolotl at a pet store will likely yield you a common axolotl, like a wild type — not a bad thing, but definitely not unique. Breeders breed a variety of different axolotls that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This allows you to find the exact type of axolotl that you want.
  2. Breeder axolotls are generally well-cared for – Pet store axolotls are often mistreated due to the nature of the businesses that sell them. Axolotls from breeders, on the other hand, commonly receive much more care. Not only do breeders primarily operate out of passion for the species, but the health of their axolotls is also directly tied to their income. Breeders with unhealthy axolotls wouldn’t last very long, and their negative reputation spreads quickly.
  3. Breeder axolotls’ pedigrees are known – Every good breeder will have extensive records of each of their axolotl’s genetic histories. This allows you to know what axolotls you’ll get if you attempt to breed yours.

Identifying A Good Axolotl Breeder

Axolotls can be susceptible to certain illnesses and can die very premature deaths if they come from a bad breeder. Good breeders should take excellent care of their axolotls and provide detailed records of genetics and lineage.

If you decide to purchase an axolotl from a breeder, you need to do your research. Some unethical breeders may paint themselves as small, passionate breeders, but in reality they conduct terrible business.

When you find an axolotl breeder, you’ll need to do a little bit of vetting. There are a few questions that you should ask them to verify that you’re supporting a good business and getting a healthy axolotl:

  • May I see your axolotls’ living conditions?
  • Do you have references for previous buyers? (This can be supplemented with online reviews)
  • Can you provide me with your axolotls’ genetic histories?
  • What food do you feed to the axolotls as larvae/juveniles and adults?
  • Why did you start breeding axolotls? What’s your mission?

Additionally, you’ll want to take note of the living conditions of the axolotls, as well as their physical health. The following are characteristics to look out for:

  • Axolotls kept in groups of at least 2
  • Clean and clear water
  • Presence of hides, plants, and other structures
  • Water temperature between 60-64°F
  • Backward-facing, strong gills
  • Walking along the bottom, not floating